Chapter 48. After heated discussions

The heads of states occupied the first row of the big table. The second and third rows were also occupied with those concerned with governments. Seats for observers were on the left corner of the fifth row. There, some members of V.R.V. including Satchina and Rocco were sitting. He was watching the progress of the discussion, but they came to no conclusions. Rocco raised his voice before he knew.
“I will go! Let me go!”
The discussion focussed on whether they should use nuclear weapons or not. The meeting was thrown into confusion on this point. Time ran out before those against the use of nuclear weapons managed to find decisive alternatives.
The majority of the meeting agreed that they couldn’t help it in order to save the Earth and nothing else could stop the id star.
The analysis showed that the id star has quick reflexes and can dodge the attack in a flash. The rocket bomb won’t work unless they get as close as five kilometers to it. And this nuclear warhead will cover the area within a 10 kilometers radius with flames in a flash after it hits the target. The whole world came to know this fact from the explanation of a famous physicist.
Who will take this responsibility? The discussion was suspended again and again due to the confusion from expectations and egoism of countries.
Rocco’s voice rang out in the hall.
“I will go! Let me go!” In the meeting hall, which was in an uproar, Rocco remembered what the elderly priest said.
“There are many kinds of people. When they face something grave, they sometimes become very hard to handle. What will YOU do then?”
“What will you do, Racco?”
Rocco heard the priest said in his ears. He turned back in surprise and saw him looking at him in zazen posture.
“Reverend! I didn’t know you were here.” He didn’t respond to his question and said.
“It is very stuffy here. You’d better go out now and do whatever you have to do. You don’t have time to deal with people here.”
“But I was thinking to tell them my plan about the id star.”
“No, you don’t have to. Who will listen to a cat talking nonsense? You said you will go. That’ll do. You just have to do it, that’s all.”
“I don’t have any intention to bring nuclear weapons.”
“I know what you are going to do. It will be impossible to make them understood. Even the Buddha won’t be able to do it. Just impossible. You can bring them and don’t have to use them. Up above, you are free to do anything. Ha ha ha.” He roared with laughter, and added.
“The Buddha also allowed us. All truth is not always to be told. Ha ha ha.”