Chapter 47. The Arrow

The newly improved Arrow is lying there. Its plump streamlined shape reminiscent of 1950s is cute. However, it looks somewhat different from what Rocco designed. Because it is loaded with four nuclear warhead rocket bombs. He remembered days of heated discussions exchanged a month ago.
This is the special air base. Here line up leading edge fighters. Among them The Arrow, which assumes a critical mission of meeting the greatest enemy from the outer space looks very different. It lacks the coercive presence which fighters usually have nor intimidating appearance as a fighting machine of most contemporary science. But it was all Rocco planned.
It was decided that Rocco would take off into the outer space in order to block the id star’s plan. Since this decision was made public, Rocco fans crowded mega airports of the major countries everyday.
Since the global crisis was identified, people began to display their diverse nature.
There was no nation which can control its own people. No politicians could lead their people who were thrown into despair by confusion and anxiety to calm down. People began to think and act by themselves. They have long forgotten this natural thing to do.
In socialist nations of dictatorship, unpredicted incidents were happening. The voice of the voiceless formed violent swell and covered the whole nation. Thousands, ten thousands of people poured into the border with firm determination. Soldiers who were ordered to shoot them all began to have their own thinking. Their warning shots didn’t work before their firm determination. They had nothing to do but overlook them.
Something unusual happened in the military. Their fellow people are leaving the country one after another. Their nation should have been the only home. What they wondered was when the entire world began to talk and act as the unit of the Earth, why they keep subordinate to the nation and its leaders. They argued with themselves, and then, they came back to themselves and became emotional.
What was that they have to protect?
They began to take off their military uniform, which was a symbol of their loyalty to their nation. People raised a cheer of agreement.
Soldiers hopped out of the tank with their uniform in their hand. Those young men who had never showed their emotion began to cry out and throw their uniform high into the sky. The strange group in camouflage which filled the border turned to a group of young men who were bright with refreshing smiles.
The chapter of collapse started with the dictatorships which had boasted its strong solidarity.
But it was only the introduction.
Things have gotten out of control everywhere around the world.
The same destiny awaits every single person, from children to grown-ups in a few days. It was, of course, the first experience for everyone. Now nobody talks about what caused conflicts. In face, countries engaged in a violent war calmed down as if nothing was happening. Such words as terrorism, revolution, riots, and discrimination disappeared from the news. Instead, no days have passed without the news coverage of the Galaxy, moon, the solar system, comets, explosion, outer space, and id star. Finally, people began to talk seriously about destiny, environmental issue of the outer space surrounding the Earth, space debris, garbage dumped onto the moon.
Before the life crisis of the Earth, the sense of solidarity on a global scale has developed.
In the air base, there are Doctor, Satchina, Ms. Soroban, Father, Mother, Kii, and Shizuko. And also are Torakichi, Shimatora, Kumatora, and of course Luna, who got special permission. Luna held by Shizuko looks exhausted, with puffy eyes. All of them don’t talk much because they are nervous. Today might be the last chance to meet Rocco. But nobody wanted to mention this.
Rocco gave a deep bow to Doctor, Satchina, Father, and Mother. Nobody can find a proper word to say. Ms. Soroban hugged both Shizuko and Luna, and told Rocco her last words as his teacher.
“Whatever happens, don’t give up to the end. Trust yourself and carry out your mission.”
“Yes, ma’am” Torakichi spinned his tail furiously. Shimatora and Kumatora tried hard to put him down.
“Rocco!” Somebody cried out in high pitch, sobbing. It was Kii. She held Rocco tightly. Rocco was giving himself to her not to forget her warmth and smell.
Kii swayed Rocco from right to left as if a child shaking her head.
“Why! Why does it have to be Rocco? No, no.”
Kii was all upset. She didn’t care what others think about her. Rocco whispered to Kii. “Kii, thank you very much for what you’ve done for me.” He put something into the hand of Kii.
“And for you, too, Luna.” He wiped her tears with his right pad. Rocco stepped forward and bowed again to everyone. “See you later,” he said in a forced cheerful tone, turned his back to everyone and headed for the Arrow slowly.
“I won’t look back, never!”
He felt many feelings from those behind him stuck in his small back. Holding down the temptation to respond them each politely, Rocco stepped inside the Arrow. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. Pictures passed through his mind one after another. Now, he is excited about the future rather than thinking back the past. Because at that time, he himself chose this final chapter.
“I will go! Let me go!”