Chapter 45. To Morangogne, to See the Old Priest part-2

“Ha, ha, ha. People would bring a demon from somewhere when they came to be unable to stand the burden of wrongdoing they committed. And then, they go for getting rid of the demon as usual. They do it in the name of justice. The demon is to be the source of wrong, they claim. What is the demon this time? A star? If they set a star up as demon, there must be nothing else. Listen, Racco, what?”
“I’m Rocco.”
“I know. Listen, Racco, every demon was born inside the mind of people. Who are you who are going to attack something that people created for their own convenience? Are you a clown?”
“I just wanted to protect the Earth from the evil star.”
“Who decided the star evil?”
“Excuse me? But many stars have been destroyed. And this time it is aiming at the Earth.”
“Oh, well. Come here and sit down. Would you like to taste it?”
“What is it?”
“This is a dried persimmon.”
“Wow, I love persimmons.”
“It was seven.”
“I mean the number of stars it has destroyed so far.”
“How do you know?”
“Three of them were mere scraps. They will be out of the orbit anyway without being attacked. The remaining two were Kashiko-boshi and Chikara-boshi. The star you are talking about is a mere child, a mere baby.”
“But it was born 14 billion years ago.”
“No. It was born on February 6, 1580.”
“It has lived less than 500 years yet. It’s only a child. It didn’t have any parental presence or supporter. Let alone, no one told him what’s what. Just think about it, Racco.
It is true that 14 billion years have passed. But all these years have passed outside the star. It can be compared to a child who were confined right after his birth and then sent outside when he began to understand things. We cannot expect such a child to live straight. These children are very cautious by nature. Therefore, when Kashiko-boshi, Chikara-boshi, and the Earth were born, it was all alert.
It’s funny that it cannot live without eating sound. But it might be inevitable. It was raised with violent sound. It was only to protect itself that it attacked both Kashiko-boshi and Chikara-boshi. Can you still label it as evil, Racco?”
“But both Kashiko-boshi and Chikara-boshi were destroyed by it. Isn’t it a bad thing to do?”
“Oh, what did you say just a moment ago?”
“Just a moment ago?”
“You said that you want to protect the Earth.”
“Yes. If we don’t act now, we will be destroyed like Kashiko-boshi and Chikaraboshi.”
“This star wants to protect itself, too. Kashiko-boshi, Chikara-boshi, and the Earth would confront each other. It attacked them before it was attacked. Everyone was surprised to see the outcome. Me, too. As a teaching that power and love should coexist says, it is no good just to be intelligent or just to be powerful.”
A while later.
Rocco didn’t have anything to respond to what the elderly priest said. He felt depressed
knowing that it was very difficult to answer.
The elderly priest cast his eyes at Rocco and resumed talking.
“There is no reason to fight in this world. You have to keep it in mind.” The priest’s sharp eyes overawed Rocco.
Rocco was confused.
He thought he could argue against not fighting. He is a cat and is always prepared to fight for the food.
However, he couldn’t bring it easily. The elderly priest opened his mouth again.
“You are a very weird cat who have chosen to throw in your lot with humans.
Once you’ve chosen to take this fate, you can’t use being a cat as an excuse. This is what you wanted. That is what you have chosen. Right?”
“Ah, yes, sir.”
“Humans acquired wisdom instead of fighting. Those who don’t use wisdom are foolish. Those who use wisdom for fighting are more foolish. What are you making great fuss about such a star which is still a mere baby? The Earth should have much more experience and wisdom.”
But we don’t have time. It is coming so close now. In the defense convention, they haven’t come to an agreement yet. But we have to save the world.”
“Reason them.”
“Who will reason who?”
“You’ll reason everyone.”
“Everyone? Everyone on the Earth, too?”
“I don’t know. Can I do such a thing?”
“If you can’t do it, you are useless.”
“Just a moment. There are people who don’t understand.”
“Reason them.”
“They might have horrible weapons.”
“If you know yourself and the opponents, you will see what you have to do. You don’t need weapons.”
Rocco chewed over his word.
Reason them, reason them.
“There are many kinds of people. When you have something you have to do, you’ll notice that people are so hard to handle. What will you do then?”
“What you are confronting is a mere phantom. You are not thinking about destroying it, aren’t you?”
On the way home, the last word of the elderly priest haunted Rocco’s mind.