Chapter 44. The Earth Defense Council

“It’s nonsense! We’d better discuss it? What are you talking about at this stage? The Earth is about to be destroyed. You don’t have any sense of crisis.”
“I do have a sense of crisis. How rude of you! I just wanted to say that it might be too hasty to shoot a nuclear weapon without notice.”
“Hey, you!”
“What? Hey, you? I am representing a nation.”
“If you represent a nation, why don’t you think about the lives of your people?”
“I, representing our nation, am here for this conference just because we care about all the peoples of the world, not only our people. If you are going to make light of our nation as a small nation and ignore our opinion, we won’t sign the joint declaration, by any means.”
“Oh, no, you resort to such means. That’s why I insisted not to call minor nations. We, at F8 nations, can make decisions. What do they have to say, those nations that can’t afford to have even nuclear weapons.”
“What do you mean by that? We are determined not to have one. Take that remark back.”
“Well, well. We have invited intellectuals and professors of the world as observers. Now, let’s listen to what they have to say. First, here’s Dr. Pushu.”
“Thank you, chairman.
Well, then, let me start. First of all, this is a space war between the Earth and X star, the first survival war that humans faced. It is only natural to use the most powerful weapons for the defense in cooperation with all the nations. Apparently, there are nations that claim nonsense such as we’d better talk. But you have to recognize that this X star is not such an opponent with who we can talk. According to our research, this star has destroyed four planets so far in the galactic system. And it didn’t give any previous notice. It can be called terrorism, yes, the star is a terrorist in the universe. We don’t need to talk with terrorists. We have to attack them before we are attacked. If you don’t want to be destroyed, it is the only way.”
“Just a moment. Why were these four planets destroyed by it?”
“You want to know why?”
“Yes, for what reason?”
“This is, well, we know why, but I’m not in a position to say that.”
“Oh, well, then how were they destroyed?”
“How? We think that the X star has equipped with secret weapons of mass destruction.”
“Secret? Do you know about it, even though it’s confidential? Did you see it with your own eyes?”
“Did I see what?”
“I am a scientist!”
“So what?”
“I don’t bother to check such a thing.”
“Then, it is one of your speculations.”
“No, no, far from it. I am a military advisor of our government. My statement represent our nation. It is not a story without foundation.”
“Then, you have some evidence.”
“Of course!”
“What we’d like to point out is..” interrupted a politician of the same nation drawing together his brows.
“The enemy is drawing closer and closer, while we are wasting time in such a stupid discussion. We might be attacked any moment now. What we need to discuss now is, how many megaton we need, how many nuclear weapons F8 nations can provide, and the most important thing is, that there is no point using nuclear weapons if they contaminate the Earth. Everyone, we have to talk about this.”
“Yes, exactly” Words of agreement and applause came from F8 nuclear powers.
“Is it OK to contaminate the universe?”
“Enough of such nonsense!
Can’t you see? Nuclear weapons are to contaminate, that’s what it is.
We are now getting at how we should shoot nuclear weapons. Here we have invited most of the internationally distinguished scientists. We have discussed for days and reached a conclusion that we have to use nuclear weapons.”

“It became clear that shooting nuclear warheads from the Earth to the star will involve great risk. According to the calculation by physicists, radioactive fallout will cover the Earth if we use nuclear weapons to destroy the id star.”
“Then, some nation must volunteer to do the task.”
“That’s why I’m telling that we should take such a dangerous measure.”
“Don’t you have any sense of responsibility?”
Dr. Lowell, deputy chairman of the “Society for Finding Weapons of Mass Destruction” said.
“If you want to say that we shouldn’t use nuclear weapons, they don’t serve as weapons any longer. You should use them in an emergency. I don’t understand why it’s taking time for us about using them in the universe, not on the Earth.
We have already identified the enemy. And according to my research, this enemy must have outrageous weapons. Therefore, we have to attack it, before we are attacked.”
“You are wrong.”
“Am I?”
“Humans should never use that weapon. For whatever reasons. If we use it again, this is the end of us. It is no joke.”
“But, we are not going to use it on the Earth.”
“How dare can you say such a thing. We have contaminated the Earth to the extent that we cannot recover it. This time, you are going to contaminate the universe. Enough of conceit.”