Chapter 43. The Previous Evening

“Are you all right?”
“Thank you, Rocco, I feel better now.
I read about the star in some literature. It didn’t sound scientific that the star was sometimes visible, sometimes invisible, and that may delayed researches for that star. I really can’t believe it. But if we assume so, most of our questions are solved. It will give explanations to sudden small explosions of stars, which were regarded as mystery in astronomy. But it is funny that nobody has ever observed it. It should have been visible even if faintly with the naked eye. I feel something intentional here, that something we can’t understand.”
“What do you mean?”
“It is not an accident, nor unexpected incident. It is different from, for example, a comet that falls inevitably.”
“Ah, I see. But does the star has any reason?”
“Any reason why it wants to destroy the Earth? I can’t think of any. No. But from a different viewpoint, it can be said there are many. For example, the Earth hasn’t made any contribution to the universe.”
“Contribution? Is it something you have to make?”
“People have to get mixed up with others once you were born on the Earth. Not only with other people but also with other animals.
Aiming at coexistence, we have sought for many ways of thinking….”
“That’s right. But still we have sometimes confronted each other, driving animals to extinction, and destroyed nature. There are, however, people who have sought for coexistence and generated great ideas and developed civilization. Therefore, when there was something we don’t know, we have turned to our civilization to solve it. But when it comes to problems in the universe, we are helpless. We have been up to the ears with issues on the Earth. We haven’t have any relationship with the outer space. See? Let alone contributing to the universe, no, no.”
“But humans have traveled into outer space, right?”
“That’s because there is nowhere else which is more attractive as a subject of research.”
“Many space rockets are launched into space.”
“Right, but it’s still restricted where we can go. Humans are now able to go see only part of the solar system. It might be less than 1 % of the entire universe.”
“Only 1 %? Not 10% of it?”
“Yes. So, I don’t understand why the X star is going to attack the Earth. We haven’t made any contribution to the universe, but also we don’t have any relation to the star.”
Rocco was thinking about id star in his mind. He has already caught the mysterious planet which is drawing close to the Earth. But he doesn’t sense any danger from it.
“What does that mean?”
He was planning to tell about id star when he obtained clear evidence.
Something must have been happening. For sure.