Chapter 42. Emergency Announcement

“We can’t wait any longer.”
“We can’t leave the situation as it is, with the crisis nearing minute by minute before our eyes.”
“Let’s make an announcement. Let’s have an emergency press conference.”
“Before that, we’d better contact with the governments of the world.”
“Well, this will leak out in a weird way. Then, the world will be in the state of utter confusion, whatever we tell them. People must be heading straight for the scenario of the ruin of the Earth.”
“But at this moment, we don’t have anything to announce. What we have is mere reasoning.”
“But this formidable enemy is something out of the ordinary.
We haven’t grasp even a sign of it, though there are only 8 months left for us.
Even in an SF film, fair amount of information was gathered one year before something happens and depicted people who got panicky.
So, Satchina made an assumption. It may be hard to believe, but….”
Doctor said and urged his wife to speak.
Satchina stayed up all night for days and looked haggard. She opened her mouth reticently.
“Everyone, it might sound unbelievable, but in eight months a planet is going to collide into the Earth.”
“This planet has its own intention.”
“Intention? What do you mean? Does it speak? Do you mean it’s going to collide from its own intention? Even though this is your comment, I can’t believe it. First of all, how can a planet have its own intention?”
Satchina couldn’t believe that she has been letting out nonsense words one after another from her own lips. She felt like she was talking an SF story to children. Nobody has observed the object yet. No astronomical observatories have received such report. However, Satchina has programmed computation of every object encountered within a zone of 10,000 kilometers from the Earth in the ultra super computer, based on the definition that assuming there is an object “X” which is drawing near to the Earth, the gravity generated in between will be in proportion to the product of mass of the bodies, from the law of universal gravitation. As a result, she grasped an amazing fact. It was beyond the theory of geophysics.
It is the presence of an object “X” which comes near to the Earth and leaves instantly everyday.It was moving at speed tens of thousands of times faster than light.
She confirmed the fact on the computer, but the presence of this unobservable planet “X” made her stunned.
She felt distressed from anxiety and fear, and then felt pitch-dark before her eyes as if a shutter suddenly closed in front of her.
She remembered that far, but then fainted.
An emergency meeting was held and they decided unanimously to make an announcement as V.R.V to the world. They set the date as this coming Saturday at 12 o’clock.