Chapter 41. X Planet = id Star Monochrome

A star which is most difficult to be understood.
The most mysterious star.
A heretical star X.
Its behavior began to change since it encountered that beautiful sound.
Before that, it appeared everywhere as it liked and collided on purpose with any star it aimed at. The more violent the sound of explosion gets, the more intense the collision is.
Even in a small galaxy, each star scattered in the shape of bowl keep balance with its gravity. If one of them disappeared, the balance in the bowl will be broken.
The violent collision of X Star has asserted great influence on the galaxy, with the sound of tsunami taking away gravity and magnetic field instantly.
The star doesn’t know how reckless it is. It causes a big problem in the universe.
One time, the star knew that there is a place where the universe was born far away. It decided to go there without any hesitation.
It passed ten thousands of light years.
It passed time rapidly.
It hasn’t passed even an hour yet.
It is flying at furious speed.
It keeps flying in full force with the energy it obtained.
It doesn’t know how long it will take or how far it should go. It keeps travelling without thinking anything else.
Nothing supports the star, not in the past, not in the future. However long and far it goes, endless number of stars appear before it. They try to connect with the star from the side, front, back, above, and below it, but in the end no star wants to be with the star.
It won’t change in the future.
It’s not its desire, nor intention.
When it was aware of it, it was already branded as a strange, dangerous, horrible star.
It was one of the roles given to each star to connect each other to form a small group and to expand themselves into a bigger group.
However, no star didn’t show any sign of relating itself to this heretical star.
That star didn’t want it, either.
There is an order which shouldn’t be disturbed in the vast universe. An implicit rule for those who live in the universe.
But this star didn’t observe it. Or rather it didn’t know about it.
This star doesn’t know anything.
It gave its first cry at the time of the Big Ban, and broke through the space where it was shut up for 18 billion years, and came to the outer space. This planet has its own intention and can control itself as it likes. It was raised by furious sound of explosion, and so the sound might be called its mother. It wished for the sound in the universe where there is no sound at all. It has run wild repeatedly and has destroyed the order of the universe.
Now, this heretical star is heading for the “outset of the universe.”
What happened at that time there?
Why was I born?
Why am I always alone?
It wanted to know how different it is from the rest of the stars. He came to think that way because of that incident. It was when it aimed at the Earth and touched to the moon. It was showered with unfamiliar sound. It was the world he didn’t know. It suddenly lost its combative spirit and was aroused its curiosity. It couldn’t stand it and fled from the scene. Its curiosity grew bigger and bigger as time has passed. The sound the moon emitted has always clung to it and shook its sentiment. It was orderly, free, in tune, and above all comfortable sound. The star cannot forget it. It firmly believed that it had this good feeling when it aimed at the Earth. It began to think about aiming at the Earth again.
However, it has learned from the previous experience that the Earth is formidable target.
It doesn’t know how much stars there are in the universe. But the Earth became special for the star. It doesn’t know other way of living.
This is the only star which grew without knowing “love.”
After the long journey, it drew near the the outset of the universe. What it saw there was a gigantic wall which blocked it to go beyond. It was a matter of course for the star to think it was nothing for it.
The star collided with the wall as hard as it could.
The sound its collision made was disappointingly light.
It can’t be true.

It resembled the sound the star heard when it visited an old town in the Orient–a peaceful sound of a bell rang from a mountain temple.
The star has always had everything his own way. It has destroyed every star it encountered.
What happened?
The wall doesn’t move an inch as if to show its magnificence.
It was an enormous power it knew for the first time. But the star undauntedly collided
with it over and over again.
Why can’t I destroy the wall? I just want to know what’s there behind the wall.
It began to feel sad.
Then, a group of stars came in formation. They passed slowly beside the X star and headed for the wall.
They will collide.But they went through the wall and disappeared into the opposite side of it as if there was nothing there.
The X star looked at the scene in utter amazement, and then it went back to the direction it came at furious speed.