Chapter 40. Sydneyed

A small article was inserted in a local paper in Australia.
On the 19th before dawn, Sydneyed, 15 years old, discovered a gigantic comet! Sydneyed, an astronomy fan who lives in Orange, New South Wales, told the following story. “I was flabbergasted. That thing grew bigger and bigger in my telescope. I was afraid that it would come toward me. I was scared and cried out before I knew it. It was extremely big. Later I calculated and found that it had a radius of 2,000 kilometers. And it disappeared in a flash. Probably it hid itself behind the Sun.”
This news reached first to major news agencies in the city, but it was ignored, because nobody else in global astronomical observatories didn’t confirm it.
“It’s impossible just to think about such a gigantic comet.”
“How can a comet hid itself? Is it alive?”
“Even though he is just an astronomy fan, it is no good to tell a lie.”
“He is only a child. Don’t take his comment seriously.”
However, Rocco didn’t overlook it. Because he knew very well that most of the things one learned on the Earth were nothing in the universe. However strange thing happened in the universe, it is nothing special there.
Almost 18 billion years have passed since its birth. The universe hasn’t changed from then, but just kept expanding.
Rocco closed his eyes, putting his left paw onto the article. It was the size of his pad. After a while, it became hot at his pad and at the same time in the center of his forehead. Fractions of images came to put together.
Before his eyes, a scene of red ground appeared. It looks like a ground of red bricks broken into pieces. It was a vast expanse of red ground with distinct rocky mountains behind.
This is his image of this country. Rocco narrowed his image. A peaceful rural landscape appeared. Light green trees look beautiful with the clear blue sky as the background.
Now he saw vineyards. “Vineyards in the town called Orange? Well, it doesn’t matter. How beautiful it is here!”
He went out to the center of the town. He can tell that people here have a peaceful life.
Among them, he saw a boy walking rapidly. He is small as a 15-year-old boy. He wears glasses too big for him, which always slip off his nose. He’s walking with his head slightly hanging. His face has some freckles, he looks smart. He is Sydneyed.
Rocco understood instantly. Sydneyed saw it! He didn’t need to tell a lie, or surprise the world. He is extremely healthy, serious boy who loves astronomy.
He saw it. He told the world as he saw it. Something with the radius of 2,000 kilometers is heading for the Earth. It hid itself in a flash behind the Sun probably. It shouldn’t be a meteorite, nor a comet, nor a planet. It must be the id Star. Yes, that’s it! Rocco reached a gloomy conclusion, which wiped out his peaceful impression of the Town of Orange.