Chapter 38. Rocco and X Planet – After the Exploration

Rocco devotes himself to his studies and researches of every angle to identify the X planet.
Since the first discovery of this star by Sydneyed, the entire world is making desperate efforts to locate it. However, no one saw it after the first discovery. Some scholars began criticizing Rocco for putting the world into confusion unnecessarily. The number of nations that support this opinion increased.
Each nation had different sense of crisis.
“We have to act in a body to confront this crisis…”
Rocco was nervous, but tried to keep cool and browsing through a host of data which came in from international libraries.
Then, a paper written by a French astronomer in the 17th century attracted his attention. This paper entitled Explosion in the Magellan Galaxy? described how a gigantic comet collided into the Magellan Galaxy. With an extremely loud sound of collision, one planet left out its orbit. At the same time, a star which seemed to be the gigantic comet jumped out of the galaxy. This was confirmed by ?? observation.
“An extremely loud sound. The star jumped out of the galaxy.”
Rocco murmured to himself again and again. This is not a comet! What kind of star can control itself against the universal gravitation? Rocco’s head began to work rapidly.
“It happens every 150 years. You must watch it.”
“Ah, that’s it! It’s the id star!”
Rocco turned over the pages of data for 10 years from 1860 hastily. He couldn’t believe what had occurred to him, but his uneasy feeling began to have a certain shape.
This is it! I found it!
In 1866 a similar incident happened in the Andromeda galaxy. This time, astronomers all over the world submitted detailed reports. Because 1866 was the year when a gigantic comet drew near to the Earth. Eschatology upset people’s mind and disturbed order.
Scientists of the world were desperately looking for the way to avoid the crisis to the last moment. Unexpected action of the moon saved the Earth.
So the id star headed for the Andromeda after it drew near to the Earth.
But why to the Andromeda? It shouldn’t have to go that far. There is the solar system close by.
Three planets were created to rival the id star, but two of them were gone. The Intelligent Planet which was filled with intelligent energy and regarded as the most scientifically advanced planet in the universe. And the Planet of Power, a gigantic planet protected by overwhelmingly big creatures. They were called the Sage of the Universe and the Guard of the Universe, respectively. Why were they beaten so easily?
Rocco kept thinking about this, but couldn’t find any answer.