Chapter 37. Luna and Rocco

Under the faint light of the moon, two silhouettes sat close to each other. The roofing slate, which was hot during the daytime, was now comfortably cold at that time of the day. Two silhouettes sat still looking up the same direction.
“Luna, do you see that?”
“That one! The star I love the most. I found out later that it is called Venus. It locates closer to the Sun than the Earth to the Sun. Luna, you should remember its name, because it also belongs to the solar system where we also belong. Luna, are you listening to me? Is it boring?”
“No, no. Whatever you tell me is interesting. You always tell me what I don’t know. But…”
“But what?”
“You might like the star but I ….”
“You don’t like the Venus? Why?”
“No, I haven’t said that. You decided to live for humans because of that star. But why? Why do you have to do something for humans?
They are so many of them. Rocco, you are a cat like me, aren’t you?”
“Ah, that is bothering you. It is hard to explain in short. One thing that I want you to understand is that it is for every creature on the Earth rather than for humans.”
“I know! Mother always says so.”
“Ms. Soroban is talking about me? What does she say?”
“She is always speaking highly of you. She says that she hasn’t have anyone who tries to think so extensively and profoundly as you among her students. You are worthy of Dr. Chancewinsky’s expectations. After all, there’s no one else but Rocco who can save the Earth.”
“What do you mean by saving the Earth?”
“Well, actually, I don’t know yet.” Rocco stared at the Venus which was shining far away and started to talk again as if he was talking to himself.
“I always loved looking up to the sky and see stars since I was born. They were shining so brilliantly and I jumped as high as possible, but couldn’t reach one. It looked to me that all those stars were talking happily. I was hoping to go there sometime in the future, and then my dream came true. I was invited to go to the outer space. I learned a lot there. I had thought that humans have treated us animals harshly, but it was more often the case that humans have treated their fellow humans harshly. It was a handful of persons in power, who…”
“Like lions?”
“Well, lions are truly strong, aren’t they? They are the strongest when they fight.”
“Then, those people are not strong?”
“Yes, that’s right. I still don’t know very well, but they don’t have to be physically strong like lions.”
“Well, then why don’t you become a person in power and make everyone happier?”
“No, no, I’ve come to understand that it doesn’t work. You shouldn’t blindly follow those persons in power or those who are called to be great. There are many species of creatures on the Earth, for example, cats, dogs, people. Doctor told me that the Earth is an experimental theater of creatures. We have to put our heads together and think how to coexist. But the Earth has become such a mess now. We haven’t found any solution yet. It is important to do what is truly worthwhile doing and be considerate to others. We,
cats, are thought to be most selfish animal of all.
But I wanted to show them even a cat can do it. Then, if people think that even a cat can do it, they will be able to do it, things will change. But it seems that it is very difficult. Everyone tends to put oneself first, and cannot think about others. Oh, Luna, what’s the matter?”
Luna shook her head and didn’t want to look up at him.
When Rocco put his paw around her shoulder to make her look up, her eyes were filled with tears.
“No, no. I don’t want you to be gone.”
“It won’t happen, Luna. I will always be with you, so don’t cry.”
“Rocco, you are telling me a lie. Tell me the truth. You said that it is important to live for others.”
“It is true, too. I think no animals have lived for others. Especially for cats, it’s unthinkable. But in my case, well, I’m expected a lot. So, this is my destiny, my obligation.”
Two cats were meowing until late at that night.