“The rulers of the Earth, humans, cannot cease to fight over even a small piece of land. What can we do in only three years? This must be the Last Judgment. The Judgment on human history. Humans are easy to become conceited, self-righteous, and violent. This is the judgment against humans. Everybody, if you look back the human history calmly, you’ll notice that we were given opportunities to make great progress. However, we have never looked back, stopped to think, but repeated stupid things. And now we are facing something which is laughing at our arrogance.
Rocco appeared before me with two conflicting tasks. One is urging us to remember the feeling of love, love toward the Earth and our fellow people. The other is to inform us implicitly about the crisis which will hit the Earth in no time. I didn’t know what to do. This cat, Rocco, is evolving day by day in front of me. I was shaken from the foundation. Why was a cat chosen? A cat is the most familiar pet, most well-known animal.
This is it! This is the reason. Rocco was chosen because he is an animal who people believe they know and understand.
If it was a new specie with capabilities more than humans, we won’t be able to keep calm with fear and anxiety. But if it was a cat, then, we won’t lose our composure thinking it was a mere cat. We have to get rid of our fixed idea of a cat, and admit its capabilities, and position it as our Saviour. Can we do such a thing? First, no one can explain against what he is our Saviour. This won’t work as it is. You must not be able to believe this, but now Rocco has a good command of languages and IQ 1500. It is the dead fact.”
Sighs of admiration filled the room. Now no one was going to object the presence of Rocco.
“Let’s name our project team. Our project is still confidential, but we may need our team name among us. Do you have any good idea?”
“The Earth Defense Council.”
“It’s too formal, don’t you think?”
“R Meeting.”
“Too simple.”
“Team Rocco.”
“We are surely a team of excellent scientists. But Team Rocco?”
“Planet Plan Six!” “Six? Oh yes, I called six of you. But as I told you before, we are six of us. So, in total we are 14 of us. This is a confidential project of 14 people. Six doesn’t work. You haven’t paid much attention to what I said.”
“Viva Rocco Vision!!”
“What? Viva Rocco Vision? Hum, Viva Rocco Vision! V.R.V when abbreviated. Well, that’s good. Whose idea?”
“It was Shizuko” Ms. Soroban smiled at her.
Shizuko was smiling happily, shouting “Viva Rocco Vision!”
“OK, OK.”

Viva Rocco Vision confidential project started this way. They began heated discussions about how to deal with the invisible crisis.
First they took interest in Rocco as a matter of fact. Doctor’s explanation didn’t satisfy their extraordinary curiosity. Following Satchina’s proposition, the six decided to have a one-to-one conversation with Rocco.
They had one day each, and the remaining six could listen to their conversation on the condition that they wouldn’t interrupt them. That way, they could avoid asking the same questions or talking about the same subjects.
They decided to use the last three days for the meeting. Mr. Wunbebe wanted to be the last person to have a conversation with Rocco. Otherwise, there was no objection to the decision and the meeting started quietly. Later, Ms. Soroban said that she had never seen such profound discussions. It was apparently very intelligent discussions to deal with the global crisis.