Chapter 35. Dream that Rocco had before

Lively atmosphere filled the living room. Everyone got together in there. It was the happiest time of the day. They finished introducing each other. Satchina was hugging with six sages.
Mother greeted with Ms. Soroban. Doctor and Father shook hands firmly. They were deep in thought about future problems.
Kii and Shizuko were talking: “Are you an only child? You need a big sister, right? I’ll be your big sister from today.” Kii was a little pushy.
Rocco is, of course, with Luna.
Doctor turned on his favorite music. Good old song in a husky voice came floating up. He pushed the all repeat button. He was in a mood to listen to his music all night.
I see trees of green, red roses, too.
“Everybody, thank you for coming today. We, fourteen of us, and Rocco and what was her name?” Doctor turned to Shizuko. Shizuko answered with a mouth wide open. “Luna.”
“Oh, yes, Luna. We will spend special ten days together from today. This is an unprecedented project and also confidential. Although we haven’t understood anything to speak of yet. But, I am determined to protect the world together with all of you. I’ll tell you with confidence what is going to happen now. Our planet, Earth is about to be involved in an unprecedented disaster. And just three years later. I have come to reach this conclusion just because Rocco visited me. He told me many things. Incredible things happened one after another. My encounter with Rocco was the greatest surprise of my life. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I had to replace each cell of my body to a new one to understand Rocco.”
As it was always the case with him, he went on and on. He started with his first meeting with Rocco from today, and then continued to speak why he called them, six sages, all of a sudden, at that point he became more fiery. Then he added that there is no doubt about Rocco and that Rocco is seriously worried about the future of the Earth.
One hour and a half passed since he started to talk. He took a breath and drank off a glass of water on the table in one gulp.
I see them bloom for me and you and I think to myself what a wonderful world
“Therefore, the pressing issue is to identify the crisis. We have to know what crisis is going to occur as early as possible and think what we can do. Well, no, there will be nothing we can do. Anyway, I’m sorry to say that we don’t have any countermeasure against this crisis, even though we have Rocco on our team. Something must have already started and we won’t be able to stop it. Something which would destroy the Earth will happen in three years, and we haven’t caught even its sign. Will submarine volcanos explode all at once? The active faults in the world are generally said to be earthquake faults. No one can tell that major earthquake of magnitude 10 won’t occur. It is possible that gigantic tsunami might hit villages, towns, and cities around the world. But there are more dreadful things than natural disasters. Our egoism sometimes leads to something very nasty, for instance, using nuclear weapons. Yes, we have to keep watch on those nuclear powers. And also, I believe that we have to take it as an ultimatum to our foolish acts given from a world where we know nothing about.”
Then, Doctor turned his eyes to the wall in front of him and stared at the slightly yellowish wall of 100 years old. Everyone else followed him and stared at the wall wondering what he meant. Doctor slowly looked up to the ceiling.
“The world where we know nothing about?” Someone murmured.
“Yes, the untrodden world which is covered almost by darkness, the universe. It must be the message from the universe!” He cried toward the ceiling without fittings except reliefs of plants on the four corners.
The 13 people who were gazing at Doctor turned their eyes hurriedly to the ceiling not to miss anything.
Ahhhh!! There was no ceiling. Instead, they saw night skies of shining moon and stars. A boundless panorama stretched above them.
I see trees of green, red roses, too
“What’s going on here!? What on earth is it?” cried Mr. Wunbebe. All of them looked right above with their eyes wide open in astonishment. Innumerable stars in the Galaxy which were scattered everywhere shined glamorously before the chosen people on the earth.
Everyone was riveted to the “Stardust Revue” played just in front of them, forgetting fears.
The sight brought back their childhood dreams, which stirred their mind.
They sighed deeply. The fourteen silhouettes stood firm like a rock and gazed at it.
“Where are we going, and for what purpose?” murmured Doctor. Rocco listened intently, but couldn’t hear anything.
The air was pure and crisp. The lump of night turned into drips and filled the ground.
Then, a star passed diagonally from the north-northwest to the east at a furious speed with the moon as the background.
“What is that?”
“I saw something passed the moon.”
“It must have been a comet.”
“Oh, right, a comet.”
Then, Satchina groaned. “No, it wasn’t a comet. What was that orbit?”
Those who were lost in thought of their past came to themselves and looked at Satchina. Doctor asked her what it was.
She shook her head, unable to believe what she just said.
Rocco felt his right paw getting sweaty. “Maybe.” The circuit of his memory started running.
“Ah, the electric lights of the stars are being turned off.” Shizuko let out a shrill cry, pointing to the night sky. Kii responded first.
“The electric lights of the stars? Shizuko, the stars don’t use electricity to shine.”
“But, look, the lights are disappearing rapidly.” The shining stars which filled the night sky began hiding themselves one by one as if they finished their role to play. For Shizuko, it must have looked as if somebody turned
off electric lights one after another. Doctor saw Satchina unusually upset and realized that something grave was happening. His heart started beating fast. It became pitch-dark. Doctor slowly sat down on the floor and then sat up straight with his legs folded underneath. He put his hands on the tanden, right below the navel where it is supposed to store all the energy of the body in Oriental medicine, and breathes deeply to get his breath back. Then, he breathed out slowly and more deeply, and sat in the lotus position to the east and practiced Zen meditation to attain the state of selflessness.
“Ah, here comes the Moon again” cried Shizuko. When they looked up, the Moon came toward them but looked different. It was clearly different from the familiar simple beautiful moon. It stopped right above Doctor casting milky white light. Thick and abundant light lit Doctor.
A small old man emerged in front of Doctor.
“Oh, I didn’t notice he came here. Who is he?” Everyone murmured. Doctor opened his mouth. “There is not a moment to lose now.” “It is foolish of humans to think that there is nothing because they can’t see it. It’s nothing unusual of them” said the old man.
“We have only one year now and haven’t got any answer yet.”
“If you think this is the end of the world, then it will end. It depends solely on how you think.”
“I thought about informing people about the crisis without any specific explanation. Then, people can prepare for the worst. If we have to grasp what this crisis actually is before letting them know, then, people have to face it all of a sudden.”
“It’s already there,” pointing at the sky, the old man said.
“In my opinion, I won’t be able to keep this fact as confidential any longer.
Even though we stake our life as scientists on this crisis, what will happen will happen, for sure.”
“That one must have some 0.5 carat. That one on the right must have, well, say, one to two carats.” Kii was comparing shining stars to diamonds. Stars hid and it got pitch dark. Kii and Shizuko were not interested in grownups’ talk, had nothing to do. Shizuko asked Kii what the global crisis meant.
“Global crisis? Well, ask Ms. Soroban. She will tell you in the manner you will understand.”
“Kii, you don’t know what it’s about.”
“What? What are you talking about? Of course I know. But if I talk about it, it will get too technical and you won’t be able to understand me. That’s why I told you to ask Ms. Soroban.”