Chapter 34. Studio again

“Well, they got into a panic, so much that those who know them won’t be able to imagine. Ha ha ha.” The studio and the world didn’t have the peace of mind that Doctor had.
The six sages might be reliable, devoted friends of Doctor, but they are respected not only in their own countries but also internationally.
They act against international conflicts. They bravely criticize politicians who act for their own interest.
They put world peace first. Everyone knows that they are brave. Dr. Chancewinsky is the leading figure of the six.
This is the moment when people began to see Rocco differently from the conventional image of a cat.
People began to hold Rocco in awe. He was talked about ranking among the six sages.
“Rocco has such an extraordinary brain. He’d like people to establish permanent peace in the world. He also desires us to play our roles in the universe. The six well-known sages and I are taking our time to support Rocco. We have a host of problems to solve. However, our ego doesn’t allow it to happen. We repeat the same stupid mistakes over again. Rocco appeared in front of us with the intellectual level higher than humans. Probably it’s because humans need him now. Well, Rocco, your last remarks, please?”
“First of all, thank you for listening to us. Thanks to Doctor’s help, I have come this far. In my speech, there must have been something interesting and informative, but also there were many things boring. But what I talked today was something real, not something in a film or TV drama. Everything I talked today is already happening on this planet. And, you must have found me very mysterious. I don’t know how to explain about myself, either. It is difficult to explain what happened to me to your satisfaction. Rather than explaining why, I believe that I will be able to contribute to the Earth by having such capability and aiming for more advanced level. So, let me enter school. I’d like to study more and be of your help. I’d like to go to school.”
The audience in the studio was sharing the same feeling. Rocco doesn’t remember what he talked after that. It was sure that he was extremely tense. Doctor added something, but Rocco doesn’t remember that, either. He just felt that the atmosphere in the studio changed drastically. It was gentle, comfortable atmosphere.
If people here in the studio represent those in the world, then… Rocco began to feel excited. Probably… Suddenly, everything in front of him began to be dyed in orange.
From the mouthes widely open, many different words are spoken. The words were different, but people’s faces overlapped into one. There is no difference in the orange-tinted breath, too. Rocco was experiencing a strange feeling.
“Live words. True words.” Rocco felt that he learned something very important.
Doctor took over his words and said.
“Let me ask you on behalf of him. I’d like to give him an opportunity to study and make him serve us to solve more difficult problems. What do you think about it?”
There was a short pause. And then, there was a round of applause to communicate the consent. Not only people in the studio but people around the world clapped their hands vigorously to show their feeling.
Doctor stood up and held his big hand out to Rocco. Rocco also stood up and held his hand and looked back to the audience. Click! Click! Click! It was so bright as if all the lights in the studio caught them. Cameramen asked them to pose one after another, but they couldn’t hear them. The sound of applause filled the studio and nothing else was heard. Rocco saw Father and Mother. He saw Kii in her tears. Satchina said silently with the shape of her mouth, “That was great!”
Rocco bowed to Doctor politely. The audience applauded more enthusiastically and didn’t stop.