Chapter 33. Rocco and Dotor and the Six Sages

Apparently, the air began to fill the room. Some gave a yarn and others stretched themselves. Some looked at Rocco in a bad mood as if they were awakened one hour earlier than usual.
Those who had been sitting straightened up in their chair and those who had been standing didn’t know what to do and murmured. Doctor almost couldn’t help laughing at them who were behaving as if nothing happened. But he held down his laugh and grabbed this opportunity to introduce Rocco, in a high-pitched tone.
“Gentlemen, this is Rocco, a cat. The timing of introducing him was, I thought, important. I should have explained more about him. At any rate, he appeared in front of me with an extraordinary brain.
Not only that, he is making rapid progress day by day. As a specialist in brain science, I feel a little ashamed to say, but… Ah, Rahchel, have you ever seen an animal that speaks like him? Rahchel? Oh, you haven’t recovered from the shock yet. Rocco, you must have something to say.”
“Yes, Doctor.” Rocco began to talk about his experience. He started with the encounter with the beautiful “Lady.” Then, he talked that the true love is missing on the Earth, and that he is a destined cat, and that he visited Doctor. He concluded that only humans can rule the Earth, and that humans should have the true love in their mind. He said that he wanted the Earth, a member of the universe, to be a planet filled with love. “I’d like to watch over the Earth forever.”
The six sages listened to Rocco in their own attentive way. They were still doubtful about his presence, but their curiosity won. They leaned forward and listened to him to understand this mysterious story.
Doctor pressed the button on the desk three times. It rang in the guest room upstairs three times.