Chapter 32. Rocco and the Six Sages

An old intercom sounded in the hall upstairs. It was a hoarse, out of tone, uneven, humorous sound, probably because it’s very old and wiring began to be torn here and there.
Satchina and Rocco waited for the next ring. But the buzzer sounded only once. They have arranged beforehand that if Doctor pressed the buzzer twice, Satchina would join Rocco, and if he pressed it three times, everyone would join the conference. Rocco looked at Satchina and nodded. Then he turned to Luna and told her see her later in his mind, and went downstairs.
Rocco stepped slowly and firmly one after another. Those whom he is going to see now are very different from those whom he has met so far. It is like meeting seven of Dr. Chancewinsky at the same time. Those whom he respects and aspires so much are in the same house as Rocco.
Doctor told him this morning. “I called them to realize your dream, Rocco, to prevent disasters from happening on the Earth. They are the best thinkable intellectuals of the world.” His words kept ringing in his head as if he heard him in a grand Buddhist temple.
He stood in front of the door.
Knock, knock.
“Come in.” It was Doctor. He opened the door with his usual sweet smile.
Rocco practiced how to greet the guests in the afternoon before they came. He decided to walk five steps and stop there to say hello. Both Doctor and Satchina agreed on five steps. Nonetheless, as soon as he stepped inside, he was overcome by the presence of impressive people. He knew some of them only by dictionaries and others on TV. As he became conscious of the fact that he is in front of these people, he became extremely nervous. As he stepped forward, he tripped. He looked down to recover his position, but he almost fell forward. Hastily, he trotted not to fall, but dashed toward the sofa where Mr. Wunbebe sat.
Mr. Wunbebe is scared. His eyes popped open and his mouth filled with cries.
He is scared by this strange small animal dashing toward him, but he is too panicky to move. He is from Africa, but he doesn’t like animals, especially small ones.
Rocco is trying hard to stop, with his eyes closed. At the moment when everyone thought he would crash him, Rocco stopped one inch before the face of Mr. Wunbebe.
Rocco immediately apologized him, saying “I’m sorry” and opened his eyes.
Mr. Wunbebe, who was panicky with fear, is now astonished. “Huh? I’m sorry!?
What? Doctor, what is this?” His voice went falsetto. His eyes lost focus. He is just dumbfounded.
Doctor sighed and said, “See? I told you that I need to give you more explanation. Right, Randy? Mr. Shoteiner also doesn’t move an inch. It seems that he cannot hear what Doctor said. He is staring at Rocco.
Rocco was thinking rapidly how to settle this situation, but he cannot think of any solution. But he remembered clearly in that panicky state of mind that he came to Mr. Wunbebe in 12 steps. He wondered how many steps he came too far. Rocco began to step backward counting each steps.
His appearance alone gave extreme confusion to these seven extraordinary brains, but his next move made them go off their head.
Seven, six, five, here it is! Rocco stepped back to where he was supposed to greet the guests. He stretched his back and remembered what Satchina told him. “Be calm. Look over them slowly, and then say hello, OK?”
Rocco looked over the guests and said, “Good evening. I am Rocco. I’m sorry to disturb you. And, ah, thank you for taking your time to come during your busy schedule.” He bowed and barely finished his scheduled Greeting No. 1.
At that moment, unusual atmosphere pressed Rocco again. As if somebody ordered them to freeze, these seven figures became defenseless statures. They were frightened to death. They were trying hard not to lose dignity and pride, but their face showed strong doubt, suspicion, and astonishment. These seven people, the leaders of the global society of thought, became silent as if they lost words. Everything in the living room kept silent, too.
Sound of rocking chair.
For a short while, an old rocking chair of 18th century alone remained rocking free of care. One of the guests, Mr. Penjeromin Fronkorin, has frozen leaning forward. He is an indispensable person for the formation of a new system. He doesn’t show much interest in expressing his views in the initial stage. He is almost always dozing off. However, once an argument is beginning to form a shape, he displays his talent of finalizing it.
A gentleman who has been frozen beside him with almost crying face, began recovering his senses. He started talking to himself cocking his head.
“This is not a usual thing to happen! But what a fine state of affairs! This, this thing is not in our category. In our conventional category. It has to be a cat, so its genus is felis (feline?). But he spoke. Considering that, he cannot be in the category of a cat. Then, is he homo sapiens? No, rather, felis sapiens? No, no, no.” He is Mr. Korl van Lonn’e, who is well-known as the father of taxonomy. He is a scientist, whom Doctor respect so much. On the Earth, all kinds of species coexist with humans. When he was a child, he wondered why there are so many species of trees, flower, and insects. His GP Yann answered his question when he went to see him because of stomachache. Yann told him smiling, “There is a meaning in everything. There are reasons why they are born different. Same with people.”
“Pardon? Human beings have many species, too?”
“That’s right. There are dozens or hundreds of species on the Earth.”
Yann was surprised inside at a little boy Lonn’e who already had extraordinary point of view. For Lonn’e who had seen only people of his country, Yann’s word stirred surprise and curiosity.
Dr. Yann added, “Explore the Loopland someday. You will be able to see sweet people and lots of animals and plants.”
Lonn’e didn’t forget his word and later explored the Loopland.
“There are reasons why they are born different. There are reasons in everything…”
Lonn’e found his lifetime theme in it. He worked on the classification of plants and animals scientifically. His masterpiece, Genus of Living Things was published half a century before Darwin was born. He is a scientist with extensive specialities of geology, botany, zoology, and philosophy.
Time began to recover everyone’s senses.