Chapter 31. Meet Again

“Good evening, Professor.”
“I was expecting you, Miss Soroban.”
The two hugged each other with smile.
On the day she came to their house, they exchanged their views of education through and through. Satchina thought that her long experience as a school teacher was reflected in her realistic views. On the other hand, she thought that her own was a little too idealistic. Miss Soroban has unshakable belief in educating children. Satchina was sure that she was the perfect person for them to entrust Rocco. Since then, they became good friends as if they were sisters.
They both called younger ones in order to introduce them. Both of them turned back to them with a big smile, putting their index finger on their lips, a signal for silence.
Over there Rocco and Luna were looking at each other intently. Different time was passing there.
Faint afternoon sunlight lingered on the pale oak floor and illuminated Rocco and Luna to show them as something special.
Rocco has never seen such a beautiful cat.
When Rocco became a member of the present family at the age of 3 months, he became popular in the neighborhood because he was cute and smart. In the Valentine’s
Day when he was about one year old, cats even in the neighboring town flocked to his house, all dressed up, to give him chocolate to show their love. Kii told cats to tell Rocco their love and go home, because their noisy meows might have become a nuisance to the neighbors. Kii came inside with a big sack full of chocolates with a big smile.
Rocco has seen many other cats considering his age. But he has never seen such a dainty pretty thing. When she came upstairs with Miss Soroban, Rocco already sensed something special which captured his heart. His switch to an alert mode didn’t work. He was rather attracted to this comfortable feeling.
Luna also felt excited, more excited than Rocco. Luna has rarely gone outside of the house. Therefore, she has never seen other cats regardless of male or female. She has heard of Rocco from her mother, Miss Soroban for many times.
Rocco’s image grew bigger and bigger in the minds of Shizuko and Luna. They were looking forward to seeing him. But she saw the real Rocco, she became so tense that didn’t know even how to breath. She was going to introduce herself, but she couldn’t utter a word. Her knees began to tremble, too. She meowed faintly. Rocco meowed back.
It was their first experience, but both Rocco and Luna didn’t feel any anxiety or confusion. As if they exchanged their arteries, the other’s feelings run through their entire body. For these two souls, nothing else can be seen besides each other.
Satchina and Miss Soroban looked at each other and smiled.
Soon, the study became lively filled with chattering voices. Satchina and Miss Soroban, Kii and Shizuko, Rocoo and Luna began talking about their own dreams.
At that moment, an old-fashioned sound of a buzzer sounded as if to break a warm atmosphere.