Chapter 30. Six Sages (2)

“Well, nobody understands anything yet.” Probably, he just said what he meant. But when it came from the mouth of Dr. Scharbettopauer, it is a different story. What did he really mean? Six people buzzed.
Doctor has had great respect for Dr. Scharbettopauer, and he recognizes Doctor’s ability. They are old friends. This time, Doctor wanted to have young active philosophers rather than those in his circle and asked Dr. Scharbettopauer to recommend someone, but he said “I will come,” and Doctor couldn’t decline his offer.
He is a legendary figure with extremely mysterious anecdotes.
His brilliant books have exerted great influence on numerous historical philosophers in the 19th century. He has outlived his followers.
At the age of 70, he visited the back regions of India to seek the origin of Indian philosophy and was not heard of. A large-scale search for the missing philosopher was done for two years, but in vain. It was presumed that he was dead and in the same year his funeral was held. However, four years later, he published his book Eternal Representation and astonished the world. Later, he contributed his own story revealing the agony of keep living to a popular newspaper. In the story he said: He was saved by a mysterious tribe in the far back of the India. At that time, he was about to be welcomed by what they call “a happy death.” When the festival of death was ready, he talked something in delirium. The shaman heard him murmured, he decided to suspend the festival, because he saw him still hanging on to life.
The villagers brought him a red nut of the size of a quail egg and put it into his mouth. They said those who missed the good opportunity of death must eat that nut. Since then, he was not able to die.
As soon as this paper was published, the world was thrown into utter confusion. It must be the elixir of life! A miraculous nut! Everyone can live for 200 years!
At the end of his article, he added that he brought back one of the nuts which would never go bad. This remark made people go crazy. Royalties and wealthy people around the world wanted buy it however expensive it was. Politicians said they would offer any position in exchange with the nut. Evil people threatened him to kill him if he didn’t give it to them. These things made him misanthropy and seclude himself from the world. Two centuries have passed since then. Now he lives in a wheelchair. He is blind and very thin. But his brain is still sharp and continues to write a book every year. What could be the agony of a philosopher who will not be able to die. His books are all must books for scholars not only philosophers. Dr. Scharbettopauer who joined this project is such a man.
Doctor is very grateful for him to come, but he feels a little uneasy about one thing. He heard people say that Dr. Scharbettopauer now talks only five phrases a week. If it’s true, he has only four more phrases to say.
In response to his remark, Doctor started to get to the point. “I’m sorry. I haven’t explained it very well. But I didn’t want to tell everybody this shocking fact without any preliminary remarks.
Dr. Scharbettopauer’s right hand touched the keyboard in front of him. Then, a high-pitched electronical voice is heard.
“I know, I know, Moam. I was guessing that something extraordinary is happening, for you are being so cautious and hesitating to say things.”
“Thank you. Well, Rahchel, as I was going to ask you, what if a very familiar animal took on extraordinary capability all of a sudden, of course, more extraordinary than you can explain biologically.”
“I know what you mean, Doctor. When people see other animals displaying outstanding capability, they tend to say ‘How clever they are!’ But from a biologist’s point of view, it’s just that they don’t know about it.
Among animals there are some which have astonishing capabilities. For instance, among marine creatures, dolphins…”
“Wait a moment.”
“We don’t want to talk about dolphins now.”
“Well, then, how about whales?”
“No whales, either.”
“Then, tuna?”
“No, no, we are not at the sushi bar. Why do you want to talk about marine creatures?”
“Because my speciality is marine creatures study.” She was a little upset at first, then decided to change her mood and said.
“If you want an example of land animals…”
“That’s right. The animal everyone knows, you know.”
“Well, talking about an animal everyone knows who has a surprising capability, well then, the one who has language…”
“That’s it! The one who has language.”
“Among them, we are studying elephants who have more than 500 words.”
“No, we are not talking about elephants.”
“Then, horses?”
“No. No way! Because you can’t hold it in your arms.”
“You mean dogs?”
“You are close.”
“Bingo! What if a cat made an astonishing mutation?”
“Cats? I don’t think there is such study being underway now.”
“Everyone, a cat will play the leading part tonight. Well, not only here tonight, he will play the leading role in the world.”
Doctor went back to his desk and pushed the button of the intercom.