Chapter 29. Sign of Spring

“Rocco” Miss Soroban called Rocco in her slightly high-pitched voice from the staircase.
Oh, it’s Miss Soroban. Rocco informed Satchina immediately. “Miss Soroban came. A girl and a female kitten are with her.”
“All right!” Satchina stood up with a smile. Kii also stood up, murmuring “Only girls?” with her mouth full of chocolate candy. Rocco knew the presence of his fellow kitten who is with Miss Soroban. But this information which he stored in his mind didn’t sit still but spread all over his body to each cell, and filled him with strange sensation. Rocco was thrown into utter confusion by this first experience. He hurriedly searched for “experience” but it remained blank.
He has sniffed his companions and told one from the other. He is used to it. But today her smell attacks him and lingers on around him. Now she has come very close to him. His small heart began to beat fast and control his whole body. Uncontrollable uneasy feeling, this is his first experience. He must have fallen in love for the first time.