Chapter 28. Doctor and Six Sages (1)

“Well, it was very nice of you. This is what Rocco needs most. Rocco will be excited to have such friends as Shizu and Luna. Go to the study upstairs. Satchina and Rocco are in that room.”
“Well, excuse me, I’m going to see Rocco now.” Miss Soroban let Darill go and took Shizuko by hand and headed for the second floor. Luna is now wide awake and feels secured in the arms of Shizuko. Unfamiliar scenes began to develop before her. The eyes of curious Luna gradually began to restore usual luster. Little Luna didn’t know what encounter was waiting for her, which will be reflected in her blue green eyes as a lifelong
Doctor saw Miss Soroban off with a smile, and turned back in front of the door to the living room. He took a deep breath and pulled the knob.
“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”
Six sages who were chattering turned back to him at the same time.
“Well, please take a seat, everyone.”
After making sure that everyone took his seat, Doctor started with a stiff expression.
“I’ll tell you in a downright way. The earth will meet the global crisis in three years.”
“Excuse me?” “What?” “Huh?” “Hmm.” “Wow!”
Even though they were well-known sages, they didn’t know how to react.
“It is impossible to cope with this crisis, with whatever capability we have in whichever fields. And we still haven’t been able to identify what will actually happen.”
They got more confused and just looked at Doctor. He continued ignoring their confusion.
“However, we barely got a brain which will be able to cope with this crisis. Initially, I went through a psychological conflict whether I should accept this as a reality or dream or accident or necessity. Before introducing you the one who possesses such a brain, I thought about it over and over again. And…”
“Could you wait for a moment?”
Mr. Mesame Wunbebe who came from Africa couldn’t resist interrupting him.
“You said we are facing global crisis, but we don’t know what will happen. And you said decisively that it will be in three years. Could you explain a little more about it? I mean, why you came to believe that.”
Mr. Wunbebe is a internationally known best seller writer. In his great epic Dry Mouth, he asked fundamental raison d’etre of human beings with the motif of African land from its genesis to today. Since then, he has been leading the initiative of helping children of small tribes to receive education using his royalties on the book. He raises the issue of developed countries exploiting Africa.
Ha ha ha ha. Doctor’s mischievous laugh sounded the living room. Ignoring the stunned faces, Doctor said. “Yesterday before meeting all of you, I asked myself what kind of answers we would have, if we were faced to a life or death threat all of a sudden. My answer is nothing. There is nothing we can do, unfortunately. You have found time to pursue truths with your darling life partner. All of you have your own timetable. Though its design is slightly different, what is common is that we are allowed to have our private time. Therefore, we can bring out answers only in our private rhythm of time. Rather, we are allowed to do that. We, scientists, take such environment for granted. As we are so much absorbed in science study, we tend to be indifferent to other world or simply cannot see it. But we sometimes need to take a ball on your chest and kick it into the goal. I mean that it is great to seek new technologies but scientists also need to tackle with many global
issues. It doesn’t matter if it’s not your field. Rather, you may be able to take a unique approach to a problem, because it is not your field. At any rate, scientists should serve people more widely from daily life problems to global issues.
I know that you are not interested in being athletic from the beginning. Ha ha ha.”
The tense atmosphere which reigned the living room loosened at last. The guests came to relax to smile at Doctor’s humor. Then, Doctor said in a strong tone.
“Human society has always been faced with fear and misery. And now the world is facing the greatest crisis. We don’t have time. I really have to get to the point now, but I can’t explain the reason why I assumed such crisis without telling about someone who I’d like to introduce you today.
The earth is facing a life or death crisis without any warning. And the one who I’m going to introduce you now has capabilities to cope with it. All of you are engaged in cross-disciplinary studies beside your own fields of medicine, biology, art and culture, social education, literature, philosophy, politics and law.
You are the intellectual leaders fit to seek answers. Those who are tied up with just one thing won’t be able to cope with such a difficulty. I hope you will come back to your home country with one answer in ten days from today.
All of you are person of great fame both inside and outside of your country. You have been very successful and done a great achievement in your field. What you say and do is always focus of attention. Therefore, I’d like you to understand this situation. But I’d like to explain more abut this someone of rare intelligence, in order to talk about this crisis.”
“Moam” interrupted Randolf Shoteiner. He has the sharpest mind in Europe. He advocates the diverse styles of eduction to suit each individuals. He and Doctor are childhood friends. As an active leader of anti-establishment, he goes along very well with Doctor.
“You talk in a roundabout way today. What makes you hesitate?”
“Ah, Randy, I have an urge to tell you something, but thinking about your shock, I hesitate it. I’m afraid that some of you will not be able to get over this. I don’t want that. I don’t want anyone to leave me. This is an emergency! So, let me explain a little more about its background or necessity.
“But Moam, we have gone through so many difficulties. That’s why we are here. Each of us is a leading authority in each field. We get older but are still tough at heart. If it’s somebody else who called us, we won’t come leaving ten-days hole in our schedule. So, please be frank and get to the point.”
“Be frank?”
“Now? Right away?”
“Right now? Tell you what?”
“The issue!”
“Well, will you be all right? I thought I’d talk about it a little later. Ah, Rahchel, as a biologist what do you think if a familiar animal suddenly changed and appeared in front of you? Will you be able to cope calmly with it? I mean, will you be able to study why it changed and appeared in front of us?”
Rahchel Couson is a biologist who played a pioneering role in environmental issue, which is now on everybody’s lips.
In her book, she warned how humans are polluting natural environment and exerting tremendous influence on ecological system involving humans. She is fairly young compared with other members, but Doctor thinks highly of scientists who involves actively in the issue of the hour.
“Excuse me, I’ve just arrived this morning. I came from the other side of the globe and my head is not functioning yet. So, I couldn’t get what you said. Could you say that again?”
“Well, nobody understands anything yet.”
This is a chic living room in overall classical tone with antique furniture here and there. Warm atmosphere filled the room and those who were tired from a long trip began to feel relaxed. But this remark turned the atmosphere tense again. Doctor and other six people turned to the one who uttered this remark and held their breath.
It was the philosopher of today, or rather, of modern times, Dr. Attarh Scharbettopauer.