Chapter 27. Miss Soroban and Luna

One month later on the 18th, black limousines stopped one after another in front of the Doctor’s house from the evening until the middle of the night. Those who got off from the car disappeared quickly into the house as if they didn’t want to be seen by somebody. They came from Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and South America. They are the focus of public attention not only in their own countries but also internationally. They are Doctor’s fellow companions with whom he undauntedly criticized warlike attitude of superpowers in public. Among them, there is a writer who won the world best literary award and old friends with whom he debated philosophical questions when they were young. They are seven sages who Doctor screened globally. They are all followers of Doctor. He hugged friends whom he met for the first time in years.
Today, Rocco’s Father, Mother, and Kii are also invited to his house. Kii is dressed especially for this occasion. She’s wearing grey dress and fluorescent pink big stole around her neck. She’s wearing loose-fit thick long socks of the same fluorescent pink. She looks a little showy. When Kii and Mother met Father in the station, Father who rarely pokes his nose into what Kii wears told her to think more about the occasion.
“This is not the place where you are dressed like that.”“I see” replied Kii in a faint voice. Kii had imagined herself surrounded by young researchers, for Mother said mistakenly, “Today, many excellent students of Doctor will come.” It is needless to say that Kii was the one who was disappointed most in his house.
It looked like everyone has come, but Doctor looked restless. Father and Mother were greeted with Doctor and Satchina and all four of them shook hands firmly.
As soon as Kii was told that Rocco was upstairs, she rushed to the second floor, crying out “Rocco!”
Father and Mother were led to the sofa in the reading room from where they could see a whole view of the living room.
Then a doorbell rang, and there was a middle-aged woman in a classic black skirt, white blouse, cameo broach, glasses with black rims, and black pumps standing with a slightly tense look. She is the very picture of “plain and sincere” person. She is holding a big cane basket in her arms. She is Miss Soroban. She is the private teacher of Rocco. Right behind her there was her brother, Darill. He came to help his sister who is going to stay with Doctor for the year to come. And a small girl is half hiding behind big Darill studying toward inside the house shyly.
Miss Soroban was formerly a school teacher. Doctor advertised for a private teacher anonymously. Among many applicants, she was very unique and Doctor was very pleased with her. Because most of them walked off in a rage when they were supposed to teach a cat. Their responses were: “Holy shit! What are you saying?” “Don’t make a fool of me!” “Are you asking me to teach a cat?” Only Miss Soroban asked calmly if she could see Rocco, after she heard what Doctor had to say.
When Rocco was called in no time and came toddling up to her on his hind legs and said “I’m pleased to meet you,” she wasn’t surprised but said calmly, “I’ll be very strict with you. I’ll give you a lot of homework. At any rate, under such circumstances, you need to work hard. Do you understand?”
“Yes, madam. This is what I was hoping for. So, I’ll be all right. I’d like to go to school! For that purpose, I’ll do my best. I think I can meet your expectation, for sure.”
Even Miss Soroban felt something grownup in Rocco more than she had expected. She turned back to Doctor and nodded.
“Very good, very good, indeed” Doctor patted Rocco on his shoulder in a good humor.
Rocco was very happy to be treated as a normal student from the beginning without any prejudice or rejection.
On that day, they talked about Rocco’s future course.
Doctor and Satchina wanted Rocco to start with basic education of elementary and middle school levels, including how things start and end and their history. The foundation of knowledge he has acquired so far should be in there.
Regardless of likes and dislikes, everyone should take education in general including art, music, and physical education.
After all, they reached a conclusion that Rocco should enter the fourth grade. Everyone except Rocco agreed that elementary education is most important. Rocco, on the other hand, was asking if there is no school higher than graduate school.
Doctor’s plan was to use the last one year to identify the crisis and form its countermeasure. Therefore, he positioned the two years before that as “indispensable two years” for humans, and planned to use the first year to study about Rocco and the second year for Rocco himself to grow.
Miss Soroban was also invited to the meeting today. She is one of the important staff members, for she is the one who will keep an eye on Rocco in every aspect of his life.
“Well, well, Miss Soroban, welcome.”
“Good evening, Doctor.”
Miss Soroban introduced her brother Darill to Doctor. Then she pulled a girl hiding behind Darill toward her by hand and introduced her to him.
“She is the best friend of my daughter. I took her today, for she wanted to see Rocco by any means.”
She has her black hair nicely bobbed. Her sleek hair is so beautiful reflecting a drop of light emitted from the crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling of the entrance hall. Doctor narrowed his eyes in satisfaction to this unexpected guest.
“Hmm, she is pretty as if she was a doll. What’s your name?”
“Her name is Shizuko, Doctor. She is a daughter of my best friend from school, and I look after her whenever she goes out to work. She is very shy.”
“Nothing wrong with being shy. It’s one of the virtues of the Orientals. By the way, you said she is the best friend of your daughter. Did you have a daughter, if that isn’t a rude question?”
“Yes, I took her today.”
“Excuse me? Where is she?”
“Right in here. She is sound asleep now, though.” Miss Soroban quietly opened the cane basket she had been holding carefully in her arms.
Inside, an innocent kitten of stunning pure white fur was fast asleep.

“Luna” Shizuko, who had been quiet, looked into it and called the name of the kitten.
Luna opened her eyes slowly at the unfamiliar voice of Doctor. She looked surprised to see Doctor for a moment and soon found Shizuko and meowed.
“What a beautiful thing! What is it?”
Even Doctor who has such an extensive knowledge has an unexpected weak point. He doesn’t know anything about dogs and cats.
“Holy cow! It is a cat!”
“A cat? Oh? Is it a cat? It looks very different from Rocco.”
“Of course. They are different kind of cats, and this is she.”
Meanwhile, Rocco was in the study upstairs with Kii, listening Satchina talking about the cosmos. Doctor decided to have the meeting without Rocco, and so Satchina was with him.
“So, in theory, the fifth dimension that was put forward in 2006 was…”
“Is she the one you mentioned before, who you respect so much?”
“Yes, that’s right. It’s her achievement. She is an outstanding scientist. An experiment was done which was watched keenly by scientists around the world including her. They artificially produced a big ban at a site in the shape of a mountain dug horizontally.”
“Wow! That’s cool!” Rocco said.
Then, Kii repeated competingly. “That’s cool!”
“It was a revolutionary experiment. They had many achievements. But they couldn’t prove the presence of the fifth dimension.”
“Never since then?”
“No, nobody can prove it ever since.”
“Nobody proved it?”
“No.” Kii also asked. “Nobody?”
“Is there really the fifth dimension in the cosmos?”
“Of course there is! Nobody has ever seen or touched it, though.”
Satchina smiled. “I believe its presence. Without the presence of the fifth dimension, you can’t talk about the cosmos.”
It was a familiar phrase–I’ve never seen nor touched but I believe it. Rocco felt becoming hot around the center of his forehead. He began to concentrate his mind. His mind became sharpened.
Rocco now wanted to study the fifth dimension.
Satchina took her breath, seeing Rocco’s expression turning sharp rapidly. Usually he has very adorable boy’s expression, but when he determined to challenge something big and hard, he began to wear masculine look of young warriors such as Aias or Akhilleus in the world of myths. Though his presence itself is a today’s myth.
All of them in the study were deep in their own thought and it became dead silent for the moment. Then, Luna’s meow entered the room as if to chase away the stiff atmosphere.
Rocco reacted rapidly. He instantly turned to the staircase leading to the first floor and pricked up his ears. It is a cat, and not the one in this neighborhood. There is no danger. Probably it is she and about one year old. And she is a domestic cat. We have a visitor.
“Is it a cat, Rocco?”
Compared to the slow reaction of Satchina, Rocco grasped much more precise information in an instant. Kii was studying the snack wrapped in a pretty pink paper on the table. She has never seen that before. It must be candy or chocolate, but it could be chocolate with a candy in it.
At the moment when the other two turned to the staircase, Kii turned to the other side to the snack and got 3 or 4 of them in an instant. Kii’s reaction was as fast as Rocco.