Chapter 26. Dream shared with Kii (2)

“Kii, May I ask something?”
“Oh, what could be it, Rocco? Ask me anything you want.”

“Well, I have something I can never figure out.”
“What? What is it?”
“Before asking it, can you drive, Kii?”
“Can I drive? You mean driving a car?”

“Well, I don’t have the license, so, well, it’s a little difficult.”
“Oh, you don’t have the license!”
“I can do it, if I try. I can surely drive a short distance.”
“I didn’t mean that. If you don’t have the license, you shouldn’t drive a car.”
“There are many girls out there who don’t have the license! Generally, boys are supposed to come and get me in his car! Whenever and wherever we go. So, I don’t have to get the license.”
“Oh, I didn’t know you had such a boyfriend.”
“In the future, I will have. See?”
“Then, why is it necessary to get a license?”
“Do you want to know why?”

“Yes. For example, pilots and doctors have to pass difficult exams.”
“It is a matter of course. So, they earn a large income. I can go with doctors, but I love pilots by far, especially those of international airlines. They are cool.”
“But why?”
“What are you getting at, Rocco? Why what?”

“Why is it necessary to go through difficult exams and get licenses?”
“Oh, that’s easy. You have learned so many things, but you are still naive. In short, it would be dangerous. So many cars are running out in the street. It is very dangerous if people don’t have license. Same with pilots. When an aircraft crashes, many people are killed. It would be a disaster. Same with doctors.
Rocco, when you feel sick, do you dare to go see someone who doesn’t have license? You will go to a proper hospital, right? In order to engage in work that has something to do with people’s life, there are difficult exams and it’s not easy to follow such profession. These exams are called national examinations. You have to work very hard to pass such examinations. It will be dangerous if anyone can take up such jobs.”
“Then, why there aren’t such difficult national exams to become a politician?”
“What? Politicians? Oh, there aren’t any?”
“Oh. But Rocco, you are wrong. To become a politician, there is election.”
“It’s different, election and national examination.”
“But it must be hard to win in the election.”
“But I don’t understand it. Politicians are those who guide the nation. They might become the most influential person in the country.
The most crucial work affecting people’s life is that of politicians, I think. The most crucial work is to decide the course of one nation, and there aren’t any criteria for that job. Politicians are entrusted with people’s lives, so many more than a captain of the world biggest passenger boat. Just by winning in the election, you can become a politician, a person of power. Is it acceptable?”
“It must be hard to win in the election.”
“The election is a kind of a popularity contest. What matters is money, acting ability, and if he or she is a celebrity.”
“Well, it’s not everything. But come to think of it, there are many entertainers and TV personalities among politicians. But, Rocco, why are you concerned so much with politicians?”
“Because it’s politicians who start wars. Don’t you see this, Kii? Even though people opposed to the war, they have to follow the path that their politicians laid. Therefore, if the leader of the nation doesn’t have proper philosophy or intelligence, people will become unhappy. I admit that the election is necessary. But before that, there should be a certain qualification.”
“How about giving them ultra difficult questions?”
“No, no, not something like that. Just one thing that matters is being a pacifist. Those who intends to be a politician must prove that he is a pacifier.”
“But how? There are people who lie.”
“It is provided in law. So, those who tried to deceive or lie will be disqualified and accused of a grave crime.
“They have to learn, understand, and swear to people the “Five Articles of Peace,” which should be the universal thinking.
“This is the minimum requirement for the candidates.
“No matter what happens, we won’t start a war.
“No matter what happens, we won’t participate in a war.
“No matter what happens, we won’t cooperate in a war.
“No matter what happens, we won’t equip ourselves with armaments.
“No matter what happens, we will accuse severely the nation which started or participated in a war by setting a certain period of no exchange in every field.”
“Wow, Rocco, did you think all of this by yourself?
“No, no. It has been said for quite a long time now. When was it that I first get in touch with the capacity of politicians? It was very long ago, in the era of Greece.”
“The era of Greece!? Do you know things like that, even though you haven’t gone to school?”
“I read about it in books.”
“What books?”
“For instance, Apologia de Socrates by Platon. Did you read it?”
“No. I’ve never heard of it. What excuses did plankton make? Did you know that plankton is very very tiny. I saw it under the microscope when I was in elementary school. What excuses does it do? Is it interesting to read such a book?”
“When you grow up, you will understand that it won’t be of any use reading such biology-related books.”
“Well, then, what kind of book do you recommend?”
“Love Story, needless to say.”
“I have learned about love a lot. So, I don’t need it any more.”
“You are wrong. Love is not something to learn about, it is something to practice. You love someone and are loved by her. It is beautiful, pure time and space that you don’t want anybody to interrupt. You will feel that oh, time, keep on stopping.
You won’t be able to understand this feeling.
You’re always burying your nose in difficult books. You’ll fall down if you have to support your bigger head with two feet.”
“I see what you mean. What book, for instance?”
“I’ll recommend you my special favorite book, Gone with the Wind.”
“Is it a good book?”
“It’s not good or bad. It’s an interesting book. You’ll become a smart cat, but not an interesting cat, unless you read this kind of books.”
“Being interesting is something important?”
“Look, Rocco, it is important to be interesting if you really want to know about humans. It’s not about being funny alone. Those who have a good sense of humor, with timely smart jokes, and esprit to match the place and occasion, are considered very attractive. There are many intelligent people out there, but there are not so many smart guys. You have to be smart to be able to express things in an interesting way. It is not only intelligence that is required, but also a good sense. You have to see the point of the story. Well, you cats don’t have such ability.”
“Not only cats, but any animals except men have it.”
Then Rocco noticed that he had been struggling too hard to achieve his roles of understanding human society and catch up with them. Before he noticed, he was desperately pursuing the same path that humans are heading for.
“It is not the right path. It leads to nowhere.” Rocco shut his eyes. He put his mind back to “that moment” which now seems like a long time ago. Usually, he can see the answer right away. But words appear one after another in his mind, and they are overlapping. Tangible things, ideal, inner mind, impossible for humans alone, consideration, moral sensibility, love… This is it! But the letter “love” is not stable. Rocco was not good at inputting and saving those notions. Rocco is not good at understanding the world without definite theorems or laws. He was well aware that “love” is the thing that he has to communicate to everyone.
Kii’s words made Rocco uneasy about what he had been pursuing madly. He was absorbed in science and mathematics studies which have definite answers, because he could see his progress clearly. It is the same with humans. They can work hard on what has answer, but tend to put less importance on things vague. Rocco noticed that he was about to drawn into a big whirlpool of human society.
Rocco remembered that Father told him that his mission is very important and not to lose sight of himself. It was the night before he decided to leave the family and live with Doctor Chancewinsky.