Chapter 25. Rocco the Savior

It is raining heavily outside the window. The garden is filled with water to make a pond.
It is as if somebody left open a gigantic tap above his garden.
“I’m prepared to sacrifice myself for this world and people doing their best to live.”
Looking at the garden from the window, Doctor murmured.
Satchina missed what he said and turned back hastily.
Doctor continued, ignoring her question.
“How to solve this crisis will decide the destiny of this planet. This is an unprecedented trial. We have to summon intellectuals and figure out how to solve it immediately. It is certain that we don’t have much time. What should we do first? My dear companion, Satchina, you will be able to give me good idea.” Doctor smiled at her. His word gave her strength. She felt invigorated and her creative energy ignited.
“First, about Rocco.
You mentioned about his balance so many times, and so I thought about it. This is not something he can acquire by being taught, but something to acquire by himself in his own environment. You think that Rocco doesn’t have much time left and it all depends on him.
“In order to change his environment instantly and to make up for things short, going to school is the best solution. And I think elementary school is ideal for him. See? He doesn’t have to be the first grader. Well, probably the fourth grader. Rocco is working on very advanced studies now. He looks very desperate as if he is urged by someone. The other day, Rocco asked me what view I have about the Lausanne School in the field of mathematical economics. I was very surprised. Rocco is extremely smart. But since he has been undergone such drastic changes, sometimes I feel pitiful for him. He realized his own destiny and he is very enthusiastic in saving everybody. But actually, he is only two years old. In human’s age, he is only a boy. He doesn’t have any friends of his age. He doesn’t go out to play but study all day lone. I’m a little worried about him. As you said, the balance is very important.” Doctor nodded deeply.
“When Rocco gained people’s confidence, the Earth is given the hope of life. If people cannot believe what Rocco says, human history will end at that point.”
“And a new species of living organism will appear, replacing us.”
“Probably. It happened several times in the long history of the Earth. But we scientists should not assume the attitude of an indifferent bystander. I agree with you about sending Rocco elementary school. Rocco is poor at mathematics. He is blessed with such a brilliant brain. There will be no problem if only he was in a right environment.”
“It is true with other fields of studies, too. He tends to jump over the basics but tackle the main subject and conquer it. It is not very good in terms of balance.”
“Yes. He has to be a well-balanced being by one year before the X day. This is what we should work on first of all.”
Seeing Doctor’s determined look, Satchina didn’t feel fears for the future any more. She realized that she has nothing to regret in her life which she has built with her husband, even though what might happen in the future or what results wait for them.
It continues to rain even more violently. Raindrops sticking to the windows are blocking the view outside and they cannot see even trees in the garden.
“Zero visibility…” murmured Doctor.