Chapter 24. Miraculous Balance

It was a long day. Unusually, Satchina was upset.
“Are you all right, Satchina?” Doctor hugged gently his wife who was sobbing.
“An important task is waiting for us.” Satchina looked up at her husband.
“It’s balance.”
“Yes, if Rocco reached a miraculous balance, then probably…”
“Probably what?”
“We may be able to solve the problem.”
“Do you mean it?” Satchina looked at her husband innocently.
“But what do you mean by miraculous balance?”
“Well, I thought about Rocco’s brain. There is nothing to complain about it. His IQ is nearly 500. He has a brilliant memory and all the data in his brain is organized as if in the UUC (Ultra Ultimatum Computer).
And he’s also equipped with sharp intuition. With such enormous knowledge and intuition, he can solve almost anything. But his brain is not well-balanced. It hasn’t reached a brain which can think. It is inevitable, for Rocco’s progress was so sudden. We don’t know what will happen in the future but the one thing which is clear is that we have to depend entirely on Rocco.
Rocco himself has to construct his own view of the world. If he can establish thinking ability, without using much of animal intuition, he may be able to see unforeseeable crisis beyond mathematics or theorem.”
“It is a spiritual issue.”
“I’m sure he didn’t think about it when he was a normal cat. It won’t help much to cram knowledge alone to solve such unprecedented crisis.”
“When I was a student, I was shocked to know that there are things we don’t understand even with our knowledge and wisdom. Study is not everything.”
“It is the limit of three dimensional learning.”
“Three dimensional!”
“That’s right. Beyond that, we have to depend on mysticism or spiritual world. I want Rocco to develop outstanding spirituality. For example, the oriental thought of‘emptiness’.”
“Yes. There is no unchangeable substance in this whole universe. Therefore, it is empty. What is form, that is emptiness. What is emptiness, that is form. Therefore, everything is possible. This teachings is very difficult to understand for us, worldly people. But Rocco is very pure, has no fixed ideas, nor self-interest. He is trying hard to find the truth. In addition, he has extraordinary brain. It is no wonder that Rocco can attain the state of three states of mind at once, even if only briefly.”
“What state of mind?”
“Well, let us assume there are three states of mind. The first state is to control not to cling to substance and have his own way, and get over such selfishness.
The second state is to deeply comprehend such state of mind and practice to extend helping hand to others. The third state is not to stick to these two states and be free and open.
If Rocco can approach such state of mind, he will be able to have a brain of miraculous balance which is beyond that of Leonardo da Vinci or Albert Einstein. This is the teachings of my old priest, whose books have influenced me a lot for years. I was astonished to see him overlapping Rocco. He may be calling me by now.”

“You mean that old man who lives by himself in a small village. You took me to meet him once before.”
“When I put my hand to my handbag to take out the assortment of cookies for him, he said he doesn’t eat such things as cookies. I was very surprised at that time. And he told me abruptly that for what I was learning astronomy. I wondered how he knew. At that time, we visited him without telling him beforehand.”
“There is no way to contact him. He’s living in the outskirts of such a deep countryside.”
“But he knew that we were coming on that day. He had prepared two bowls of rice-porridge. He readily answered whatever questions I had. I wondered where he got such information from. He had clear skin. I couldn’t guess how old he was. I can’t guess how old one is, especially when he is from the Orient. He must be older than you, right?”
“Ha, ha, ha. He is around 130 years old by now.”
“My goodness!”
“He moved there earlier than anyone else, and has lived longer than anyone else since before the village was born.”
“Really? Why did he choose to live there?”
“To practice religious austerities of Zen. He started at the age of 27. So, he has been practicing for about 100 years now.”
“Wow! Will it take so long to master Zen?”
“It’s not about how long.”
“In that village, everyone looked very happy. I was surprised especially at so many different races of people living there in that small village. And they were using their own mother tongue.”
“It is the idea of the old priest. He thinks there is no need for them to speak the same language. He thinks people’s spirit dwells in the language. You can’t take away other’s spirit for your convenience. He also thinks that there is no need to force yourself to talk with others. Everybody can tell when you need to talk.
The priest is also cautious about the village becoming like a family. That’s why they don’t have any gatherings or festivals. He always says, ‘Do whatever you like, but don’t forget your duty.’ I’d like to take Rocco to his place.”
“What was the name of that beautiful village? Moran…”
“Ah, yes. Morangogne. It’s a dreamlike place.”
“Well, actually, it is the place for people who go beyond dream choose as their last dwelling place.”
“People who go beyond dream?”