Chapter 23. Dream shared with Kii (1)

Rocco is in Kii’s room. It is the most colorful room in the house. Kii designed her room with the bold use of red, green and yellow. Rocco always feels cheerful when he enters her room.
“Listen, Kii.”
“I’m listening, Rocco.”
“Do we need nations, after all?”
“Nations? You mean countries?”
“That’s right.”
“Of course, we need it. We will be in trouble in many ways without nations.”
“For example?”
“For example? Well, let me see, if you go abroad, and somebody asked your nationality, you’ll be in trouble.”
“How would you respond, Kii?”
“I’d say carrot.”
“Oh, no, don’t be jokey. I’m serious.”
“Sorry, but what would you say, then?”
“If I’m a human being, I’d say I’m chikyu-jin cosmopolitan.”
“It doesn’t work. It can be applied to everyone. We are all on the Earth.”
“Isn’t it good if we are all the same?”
“Of course not! What will happen to the Olympics?”
“The Olympics?”
“Right. If we don’t have nationality, we cannot have the opening ceremony introducing players of each country.”
“Is it that important?”
“Of course. Also, we have the World Cup and Miss Universe.”
“Well, then, changing the subject, because you mentioned the Olympics, how about having Brainlympics?”
“What’s that?”
“In the Olympics, you hop and jump to decide who is the best, right?”
“It’s not about hopping and jumping. It’s not the fights among cats.”
“But as I see it, they are always running and jumping…”
“Ah, right. You don’t know the real Olympics yet! You were born in the year right after the Siberia Olympics. That means you are only two years old, and you have to wait for two more years!”
“For what?”
“Ha, ha” In fits of laughter Kii shed tears, her nose running.
“What’s the matter with you, Kii?”
Kii loves Rocco more than anyone else. She is proud of herself for looking after Rocco. Therefore, she was very happy about Rocco being the talk of everybody and especially when he is praised about his rapid growth. However, recently, Rocco suddenly behaves like a grown-up and doesn’t want to play with her any more. He is always shut himself in the study and reads difficult books. Kii felt Rocco leaving her behind. She didn’t want him to become more famous.
As the Olympics is an athletic contest, Brainlympics is the contest of brain.
“Do you compete with the size?”
“Size? Of what?”
“Of the head.”
“Oh, no. Participants have to think something over and compete for the best solution.”
“What do they think about?”
“That’s the point. Their task is to think about the best solution for every problem occurring on the Earth. From small issues among small tribes and ethnic conflicts to major wars. Each nation submits their issues such as those of ecology, new energy, pollution, classed society, dictatorship, discrimination, and global warming (?). They compete for the best solutions to these issues. A team of ten for each nation participates in this tournament. They have three hours and within that time frame a team which gave the best solution will win the game. To get through the preliminary, they have to win more than 80 scores.
The jury is composed of some 100 scholars and experts in each field from all over the world. Judges who have less interest in the matter will be responsible for judging. The site for the Brainlympics is metallic and simple in design minimal. Each team has two leading edge computers, and they face 20 meters apart. In the center, the blue Earth model, which we are familiar to see from the outer space, is quietly rotating.
Spectators can, of course, observe how they approach the issue using two computers in a gigantic screen. It is indeed a space of intelligence.
“How does it sound to you? Aren’t you excited?”
“Yes, yes. And what about women?”
“No gender discrimination, nor age limit. I think it will be very important how to compose the team of ten people. The rule is that any politicians, teachers, professors, or scholars cannot participate in the team.”
“That’s no problem. I’m not in the scientific research, and there will be gold medals, right?I love that gold medal ceremony.”
“As a matter of fact, the finalists should be amazing.”
“A group of brilliant persons? Graduates of national universities? Everyone must be already married.”
“Well, it doesn’t necessarily so. I don’t think that just academically brilliant people can come up with brilliant solutions to such issues. What is needed should be very high capability, such as extremely brilliant inspiration, intelligence, receptivity, flexibility, and people who always love people, trust potentiality, and have keen insight, those who don’t discriminate those less blessed people. Also, the team might need computer experts who can respond to changing demands, who might be very young. It will be teams of mixed people. They are no doubt groups of very excellent people in any way.”
Kii was looking at Rocco’s eyes which were shining brightly and was deeply moved.
“You know, Kii, there will be certain conditions in the questions for the final round.”
“What could be it?”
“First of all, it has to be an international issue, involving people’s lives. And, the nation concerned has been at a deadlock in political measures to solve the issue. So, participants have, of course, already supposed what could be the question and thought over about the solution in many cases. The finals has time limit of five hours, but there will be very unique, inspirational, practical propositions which no politicians could have thought of.”
“And, what will happen to the winner?”
“This Brainlympics will be held once in three years. All nations are supposed to participate in this game. The United Nations is also responsible for it. Therefore, it is a very prestigious event and the winning proposition must be respected by participating countries, and the United Nations is supposed to study the proposition as the primary agenda. The United Nations is also responsible for the due expenses. ”
Rocco remembers that Kii asked him if it wasn’t too soon to hold it once in three years.

Once in three years?
Rocco feels his memory fading away. Kii and her colorful room disappear, but the word three years is ringing in his ears. What’s happening? I was talking with Kii. He suddenly feels uneasy and looked around. He feels closed and stuffy as if he put his head inside a dark box. Big, black instruments are scattered here and there.
Oh, I’m in a studio. But what am I doing here?
Rocco feels like he’s floating above his seat.
As he looks down, he can only see the top of the Doctor’s and his heads. As he sees Doctor and he himself swaying, he can see both talking.
“People do all sorts of things in three years. Before problems slip away from our mind, or before they get too late to take measures, he wants everyone, from children to grownups to witness the moment when human’s wisdom is displayed, not the so-called political solution. It is the purpose of this game, so he must have thought having once in three years would be good. I, too, think it’s a very good idea.” Doctor smiled at Rocco.
Doctor responded to the question by the press if it wasn’t too soon to have it once a three years.
Since Rocco kept talking about Brainlympics idea all by himself, he felt relieved. He could wipe his sweat, take breath, and relaxed. Urged by Doctor’s smile, he took the bottle of mineral water with his hands and drank it using a straw which was put inside the bottle, and turned his face up. Then, there was a storm of flashes. Slowly, he opened his mouth again.
“From the point of view of us, non-humans, humans are great after all. Especially, you have cultivated “languages” as such a mature function. You have acquired a very precious treasure. The reason why I’m on everybody’s lips is that I have had that same “language.”