Chapter 21. Ultimatum

The creaking sound of rocking chair facing the western window of the living stopped after two hours since he came back from the President’s office. Doctor who was in the chair with his eyes closed opened his mouth.
“Yes, that must be it.” He said with confidence.
“What did you say? What’s the matter?”
“Humans are being tested.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m thinking about the crisis. We don’t understand what will be happening at this moment, and that means we won’t be able to know until just before when it will happen.”
His calm tone made her uneasy.
“I mean something that is far beyond our science is happening.”
“What about Rocco?”
“It was clear from the beginning that Rocco is the only one who can solve this problem.”
“From the beginning?”
“We have barely made the right decision so far about selecting and checking. But who will allow him to stand on top of us humans?”
“On top of us?”
“It will be impossible to face this crisis without having Rocco on top of us. Rocco has to change, too.”
“We have to let people around the world to know about this crisis, and calmly. We have to inform everyone that it will be beyond our present capability and it is Rocco’s brain alone that we can depend on to cope with this unprecedented crisis.That is, Rocco will be our Saviour. But it is unrealistic that we, everyone on the Earth, become one and entrust a cat with our fate.”
“I now know what you are thinking. I, too, would like to do my best helping Rocco develop his capability. I believe that everyone will understand. It isn’t that a cat stands on top of humans, but the most prominent one will lead us humans. And it happened that it was Rocco, right?”
“Satchina,” doctor put his hand on her shoulder gently and said. “It might be an ultimatum pressed on humans or instead the Earth. What I told you was just a scenario which went well. Reality is extremely difficult..”
“What do you mean?”
“Even though everything went well, this crisis must be beyond our imagination. We humans have studied a lot about fighting each other, but we don’t have much experience in planning on the level of the Earth.
Such weakness might lead to a major panic. Then, we won’t be able to cope, even though we had ten Roccos.”
“That means it’s useless whatever we do now?”
“Our enemy is formidable. What we can do is do our best.”
“You know what will happen, don’t you? What’s your interpretation of all this?”
“I don’t know. It is my way of thinking to plan on the assumption of the worst scenario.”
“Do you mean we won’t be able to prevent the crisis? What will happen to the Earth, then?”
“We have to prepare for such a case, too.”
“Oh, no!”
Satchina grew pale in a moment.
“Nothing we can do. You mean we scientists are of no use? Humans might be destroyed?”
“Well, that will happen.” Doctor nodded with his mouth tightly shut. Satchina slowly buried her face onto the doctor’s chest. She couldn’t hold back her tears.
What I have been doing as a scientist? I’ve been working in this field for such a situation.
She couldn’t hold back her tears with anger and shame toward herself.
Doctor shared her feelings. His speciality was brain, but he was well versed with international issues and gave advices to politicians. He grieved over his lack of leadership that invited such situation to happen.
The couple had nothing to do but watching their past honor and fame to disappear.