Chapter 20. First Love

Satchina’s heart had leaped when she read paper by Doctor. When he was granted the most glorious award as scientist and delivered a lecture celebrating this, Satchina rushed to the site leaving other things behind, although she was studying something in a different field.
Doctor spent most of the time talking about James Joyce, even though the title of the lecture was “The soul dwells in the brain.” He explained each key word of Joyce literature such as discrimination, religion, racism, and colonial rule in the background of poverty, heavy drinking, eye disease, a girl who is mentally ill in detail. He also talked about freeing repression about sex and love. He concluded with the dreamlike world of Finnegans Wake and left immediately right after his last word, “Brain knows everything of your life and your life is with the brain.”
As soon as Doctor who was at first perplexed by Rocco accepted his presence, he recognized the significance of this whole matter, and began to think about the grand vision far ahead. He is trying hard to find an answer to the question what he should do for the humanity. Satchina always admires his sincere disposition without any self interest.
He is well versed in many fields not only brain science. He doesn’t have any biased view toward people around the world. He has criticized sharply the big power for its selfish behaviors. He hasn’t changed a bit since she knew him for the first time. Satchina was looking back the days when she first fell in love with him.