Chapter 19. The Earth’s Crisis part 2

Science sometimes loses its way and gets confused.
Even though it was imaginable that there was cruel fate waiting for it, it was used by rulers and persons of power of the time. It might have been different if scientists refused to be abused. This is a dilemma destined for scientists. That’s the very reason why they have to face squarely the crisis of the Earth that will be happening in three years. But this one is very tough.
After the crisis of 2020, humans developed the forecast system for most natural disasters. The system is already proved to be very precise, and there is no sign of any kind of natural disaster happening.
Still, both Doctor and Satchina believed that something will happen in three years. The two scientists are determined to face that “something” with all their strength. Rocco surprised them, made them suspicious, and overwhelmed them. They began to recognize his presence and trust him. The couple who is universally recognized as the leader of contemporary society of science was determined to support Rocco the cat, ignoring the common sense.
“If Rocco couldn’t make it in time, something disastrous will happen.”
“If he couldn’t make it in time? What do you mean?”
“Rocco cannot remain as he is now.”
“Why? Why isn’t he good enough?”
“Three years are not only for humans but also for Rocco.”
“For what?”
“Satchina, let’s talk about it later. Before that, could you tell Peter or rather Suzanne to cancel all the plan I have for tomorrow? Well, let’s cancel everything for this year, at least for the entire year. And…”
“Shall we call everybody to get together?”
“Oh, how do you know? Could you do that?”
“We don’t have much time. They must be very busy, but let’s make it the 25th of the next month.”
“And what are you going to do now?”
“First of all, I’ll go and see the President and ask him to remove me from all the important posts for a year.”
“For what reason?”
“Well, let me see, it would be safer to give him health reason.”
“What do you do with Rocco?”
“What about Rocco?”
Doctor was thinking aboutevery possible situation.
“It is Rocco who brought about this issue.”
“You mean I should take Rocco to the President. It is out of question, now, not yet. Also, he is a dog lover.”
“Well, if you can’t explain Rocco to him, it’s no use telling anybody anything, right?”
“Listen, Satchina, I don’t think it’s a good idea to take Rocco among people. That will make them confused. And think about the relationship between people and cats. It’s pet owners and mere pets. However we emphasized that he is a very smart cat, nobody would listen to a cat.
“Rocco hasn’t been informed anything about the crisis, nor is aware of that. It’s just our guess. I mean, everything is still mystery.
Rocco is desperate. I’ll help him as much as I can and support him till his end. Rocco learned about love and corruption of people. He is thinking how to give a warning about it to people.
“Another thing I can tell is that something very horrible, something endangering life of humans is going to happen. Are we humans abandoned? If, if ever there exists divine feature, the Creator, who supervises this vast cosmos, I’d like to know his true intention. Conflicts, hatred, vengeance, too simplistic exchanges of emotion.
“In Rocco’ saying, it must be the situation that “love” is coming off from the Earth. People who overlook such situations coolly started to overexploit the cosmos. The cosmos is now filled with waste of rockets sent up from the Earth due to its overexploitation for the past 50 years. There is no sign of finding resolutions of most important issues inside the Earth.
“I wonder if it might mean that the Creator can no longer put up with this awful contradiction of the Earth and humans. I wonder if it is about time that humans are given up as hopeless.
“Rocco went to the outer space and came back turning to a missionary of love. But this is only an introduction. Nobody knows what’s happening next.”
“Satchina was looking back when she first met him, seeing his deadly serious expression and words, that he hasn’t shown for years.