Chapter 19. The Earth’s Crisis part 1

In between the closed curtains, warm spring sunlight was waiting. Satchina opened the
curtain with vigor. Abundant sunlight flooded the living room.
“Oh, my!”
“Oh, well, the sun has already been up so high.”
Both of them felt very comfortable bathing in fresh sunlight. However, the gravity of their conclusion that they had reached just an hour ago didn’t lighten even under the sunlight of fresh morning. Both of them have established important positions as scientists.
Even they didn’t feel like talking more about it and stayed without words into the morning. Satchina brought coffee from the kitchen. It was Doctor’s favorite, deep roast French style coffee. It is his ritual to take it with a frown.
“Three years is too short” said Doctor unexpectedly.
“After all, you stick to the time limit of three years, don’t you?”
“Yeah, there is no doubt about it. Rocco repeatedly says three years. I don’t think that he was input the figure without any significance that intensely.”
“That means, well, it’s not some time in three years, but”
“Right. It should be three years from now, when we will face the grave crisis.”
“Three years… Among millions of creatures on the Earth, a cat was chosen. And that with unthinkable capability…”
“Unthinkable capability, yes, exactly. But even the way we say might show our arrogance. Rather, Rocco is the one who came from the world beyond science. And Rocco received a revelation. That is, observing the Earth. And he has the time limit of three years.”
“I wonder what ‘observe’ means.”
“It is very unrealistic, but…” Doctor hesitated to continue, and said.
“At any rate, he chose us! This is something I feel very happy about. I’m afraid that other scientists would have told the world about him as an ‘extremely rare animal’ and treated him as a subject of every kind of studies. Rocco would have to spend miserable three years. I believe that they must have regarded us highly. Because I have no ambition whatsoever now because of old age and you have given priority to humanity over study.” Doctor gently drew her close to him by the shoulder. “But this is going to happen only in three years, right? We have calculated global crises for the coming ten years, and knew that the biggest natural disaster we anticipate so far is the earthquake in the Pan Pacific earthquake zone in five years. But, it’s been two years since we’ve already taken revolutionary measures of injecting Plahydrogel, a mixture of special plastic and hydro gel, which monopolized every scientific fame two years ago. It is true that it is still experimental use, but data shows it’s working as calculated. So, I believe that humans are now released from damages from earthquakes and tsunami. I cannot believe that a new gigantic plate was discovered. We cannot overlook such huge one.In the last five years, we find error of just 15 cm in the measurement done by the ocean plate probe robot, XXR-3 in the Pacific.”
“I know, Satchina! I know that you take so much interest in diastrophism as in the space. And I know very well about your papers published in recent years. Everyone surrounding me praised you to the skies. Above all, I don’t recall any scholar who published excellent papers about the space as well as underground. You are so unique.” Nothing pleases Satchina more than praise from Doctor.
“It appears that some crisis even you don’t expect will happen. By the way, you don’t see anything strange happening in your specialty, the space?”
“No. Last month, I analyzed that huge comet using UL super computer, it was a once in three months regular checkup, but it was still February 6, 2520.”
“Anything more? Is there any strange movement?”
“No, nothing. Let’s leave the issue of the huge comet to people in 500 years.”
“Don‘t you think that there is a possibility of humans themselves might take
crazy behavior?”
“I thought about it first of all, for I am the chair of the Security Council. The worst case would be someone use nuclear bomb in some way. Today, there are ten nations which possess nuclear weapons. Fortunately, I have met the national leaders of these current administrations.
Most of them are newly established administrations of one to two years. If my first impressions are correct, no leader seems to be crazy enough to press the ultimate button. Humans are sometimes very stupid, but not the helpless. At any rate, they have managed not press the button for nearly 80 years since ‘then’.”
“Since then?”
“Sigh.” Doctor breathed out briefly, and said firmly. “Hiroshima, Nagasaki.” Satchina nodded deeply.
Doctor sat down heavily into the sofa beside Satchina. His favorite dark brown leather sofa has passed a time of social upheaval longer than Doctor himself. Because of its presence, it was placed in the center of the living room over the years. Its color has faded here and there, but since the sofa has gone though many hardships of life together with its owners for more than 150 years, its presence stands out among other furniture.
The couple kept looking up at the ceiling deep in their own thought.