Chapter 18. A Studio on Rocco 2

A sigh.
Doctor gave a big sigh without restraint to the radio wave which is transmitted all over the world. People around the world, those in the east, west, north, and south, everyone gave a sigh at the same time. There are differences in languages, but not much difference in sigh.
Various sighs.
It was as if the whole Earth turned into musical instrument and played together joyfully. Doctor had an image of people around the world getting together. “The time has come.” He felt that it was now time for Rocco to appear.
“Our days with Rocco were very strange. I left all the important posts and stayed together with Rocco. He was very intelligent and he worked hard. He was absorbed in reading. I think he read several books a day from my library.
My apprehension that I began to have since I met Rocco grew day by day.
“In the evening when Rocco visited me, I couldn’t sleep and was deep in thought until the dawn. I wanted to think that I was daydreaming. But it was real. I didn’t know how I should think about Rocco. Should I call it miraculous evolution? Well, no, I couldn’t settle with such a hackneyed expression.
“Satchina couldn’t sleep, either, and we talked it over for hours. We shared the same idea. We decided to change the subject of our argument. We thought that it should be more constructive to think why Rocco appeared in front of us now, than to think why a cat called Rocco took on astonishing intelligence and try to satisfy our curiosity as scientists.
“We thought that there must be reasons for Rocco to be on the Earth now. We humans, and the Earth need him for some reason. Satchina and I talked it over all night. And we reached a conclusion.”
His face was unusually stiff. He looked as if he was looking for words or hesitating to say something. His usual confidence seemed to have faded away. A cloud
came over his expression.