Chapter 17. Dr.Chancewinsky’s House Again 2

“Honey, are you OK?”
Satchina called Doctor anxiously. Doctor who was deep in his thought in the rocking chair is now wondering in his dream. Suddenly he murmurs brokenly such words as Rocco, Satchina, or sometimes emphatically “Perception was wrecked!” He is delirious. Satchina had never heard her husband talk in his sleep so clearly.
She thought that it should be better to leave him alone, but then, had a feeling that she wouldn’t be able to see him again if she left him now, and she snuggled up to him.
“Ah, Satchina.”
“Oh, did I wake you up? I’m sorry.”
“As a matter of fact, I didn’t know that I was asleep.”
“You must be dreaming. What kind of dream was it?”
“Oh, was it a dream!? Oh, well, yes, I remember very well, for it was just a moment ago. How did it start? Oh, yes, Rocco asked me to check his brain.”
“Rocco asked you to check his brain?”
“Right. He said, ‘Doctor, please check my brain.’ So, I responded him, ‘What? You want me to check your brain? Do you have headache or something?’”
“Honey, what are you talking about? Rocco was originally a cat, and now has turned into such a …. Oh, I’m sorry. Well, I must be out of mind, too. In other words, Rocco’s brain has suddenly developed. Of course, I’m well aware that scientists shouldn’t get involved in such a frivolous talk, but since we are actually seeing this fact, that something beyond our perception is happening before our very eyes. “
Then, Doctor took this opportunity to throw his confusion that he didn’t know what to do with to Satchina.
“Beyond the perception? What do you mean by that? In mathematical philosophy, perception, that is, scientific perception is already being taken apart. Are you taking the stand on transcendental philosophy, are you trying to grasp perception as part of set existence?”
Satchina didn’t have any definite answer to this amazing fact, either.
However, she was trying to accept the fact and see calmly what is going to happen next. Indomitable Satchina talked back to him.
“Kant, pioneer philosopher, provided ontology as the general principle of contents of special existence study advanced by Wolff, and denied what the substance learned and thought through rational perception…” To their surprise, Rocco interrupted her all of a sudden and said rapidly, “And advocated transcendental philosophy. Later, Sartre and Heidegger revived their own ontology against the stand of Kant, and based on that Kant advocated epistemology.”
This statement of Rocco made even Satchina collapse weakly and sink into the sofa. All what Doctor could do was to cast his astounded face to Rocco.
Meanwhile, Rocco said it again in an obsessed tone: “Doctor, please check my brain.”