Chapter 16. Dr.Chancewinsky’s House Again

“At any rate, let him in, honey.”
“Well, oh, yeah.” Ignoring Doctor who was too shocked to think anything, Satchina handled the situation capably. Urged by her, Rocco bowed slightly and stepped inside, looking back at the same time. He saw Father’s car started slowly. Rocco was glad to see Father smiling at him. Rocco was relieved and got ahead of Doctor and his wife and sat on the sofa.
“Oh, how cute he is!” Satchina sought his consent, but Doctor was still at the entrance. He was looking all over Rocco, murmuring something, cocking his head, and nodding to himself. He looks like he is trying to make sure something.
“Aha! Now I see it, Satchina” His pale perplexed face glowed in a moment, smile back to his eyes with mischief.
“Well, well, it’s really well made. It’s programmed very well, too. It looks like a perfect cat. But I saw through two things, Satchina.”
“One thing is his ears! Generally, it is well known that dogs have very keen ears, but the performance of cats’ ears is incomparable. If you compare the hearing capacity of high tone, cats can hear up to 90,000 Hz, while 50,000 Hz for dogs. By the way, humans can hear up to 20,000 Hz. It shows how cats are sensitive to sound, don’t you think? In addition, talking about the capacity to recognize the sound source, there is a margin of error of 4 degree for humans, 3 degree for dogs, and incredible 0.3 degree for cats. See? So, I tried to measure the hearing capacity of that cat, by uttering an extremely small voice to the direction of the sofa where the cat is sitting. It is, say, about 6 or 7 meter apart from this entrance. But as I had expected, this cat didn’t move his ears at all. He didn’t prick up his ears to the direction of sound source at all.”
“So?” Satchina gave him a blunt reply.
“What’s ‘so?’ Well, another thing. You too were looking at how he walked, getting ahead of us and heading for the sofa in the living room. That move wasn’t that of
an animal, but something of an artificial thing. You can tell instantly that it is something
somebody made. The way he walked bow-legged made me laugh.”
“And so what?” Satchina asked him in a cool tone.
“So what? Yes, so, I mean, I bet it is a robot. Right? Is it you who is operating
“No, honey.”
“Ah, yes! It must be him. Ah, what’s his name, that guy who took the office of
director at the Robot Engineering Institute last year. That’s it! Hans Wuittram! He introduced us a robot who escorted guests, made cocktails, sang, and danced at a party.
At a glance, that robot looked like a human with the artificial skin. I was surprised how far people achieved in the field of robots. You too were very impressed that the robot was
very well made. Is it Hans?”
“What’s about Hans?”
“Is it he who made this cat?”
“I must have guessed wrong. Just a moment. It must be some kind of surprise. What’s the date today?”
“It’s February 25th.” Rocco replied very clearly and firmly. At that moment, Doctor thought that time stopped around the world. However, it stopped only here in this doctor’s house, rather in his mind.
“I’m sorry to surprise you. And I am not a robot. I am a cat. I think it’s hard to believe this, but I came to be able to talk since a certain day. And I began to walk on two feet. Because we are originally a four-legged animal, we have a long body and short legs. So, as doctor told us now, I tend to walk in a very funny fashion.”
“You were all right. You were walking very well.” Satchina said at once. Her warm words encouraged Rocco greatly. The time has come. Rocco breathed deeply and faced squarely with the doctor. He is the one who Rocco wanted to talk to. Dr. Moam Chancewinsky, today’s justice, man of true humanity.
Rocco opened his mouth. He talked about what happened to him three months ago, that he thought it was his destiny, that he wishes for humans and for the Earth. He spoke his mind based on his enormous knowledge by digesting each word.
“I’m going to achieve this. Doctor, could you help me?” Rocco concluded firmly.
Outside, the wind is dying down and the quiet night has just started to fall. The window of the living room facing the southeast garden was reformed to be bigger ignoring the Tudor style at the request of Doctor. On the big sofa on the right Doctor and Satchina sat still gazing at one point without changing their expression like dolls. At where they are gazing, a cat with roundish head is standing on the chair and talking with a lot of gestures like a conductor of an orchestra. He moves his arms sometimes dramatically and sometimes leisurely. He looks like he is appealing or reasoning something to them.
If some stranger looks at what’s happening inside the big window frame, he must have stopped to see this weird scene. This window frame turns to be a proscenium arch separating actors and audience and not allowing to interact. Is this reality, dream, or surreality?
It was sure that two incomparable intelligences, who faced a cat called Rocco, didn’t know how to understand this space together with him and tried to give themselves up to the world of Breton which was hiding behind the reality. However, Rocco’s words of reality hampered their thought.