Chapter 14. Visit

There was a soft knock on the door. It was so soft that both Satchina and I didn’t notice at first, and then we thought it must be a bird knocking on the door or something. There was wind and window panes were trembling, too.
Knock, knock.
The sound of wind blowing.
Knock, knock.
Since Rocco couldn’t reach the bell which is upper part of the door, he was knocking the lower part. As he saw in a movie, he put his left hand around his waist, held his right fist hard and knocked. He has been there in front of the door for some time now. He glanced backward. Across the road, he could see the car in which Father is waiting for him.
Rocco felt that Father is watching him anxiously. He mouthed, “I’m fine.” He saw Father nodding twice at him.
Sound of wind blowing.
The evening when Rocco showed his changes to his family, he talked with Father about his destiny for nearly three hours until very late into night. Father, who used to be calm anytime, was very excited and talked far into the night until around 4 am. Rocco asked many questions to Father, who did the same to Rocco. Rocco felt Father’s love to him, and he thought from the bottom of his heart that he was very lucky that he was raised by the family. For three months from that day, Rocco has grown at a furious speed day by day.
Rocco and Father started to think the same thing in those days. Rocco was thinking about having someone who observes his growth. And that someone must be the one who can explain plainly about his rapid change to the world. He thought that he has to find someone among well-known scientists. He thought that he can be a material for the scientist’s research. At any rate, he wanted someone who can convey this fact to the world. He wanted someone who can join his efforts to realize his dream. Rocco was looking for such a scientist through reading scientific papers and books. And he had a figure in his mind.
Father was worried about Rocco so much. He was determined not to expose Rocco to inquisitive eyes of the world. But sooner or later, the world will know about him, and by then Rocco will have gone to where his family cannot reach. Father began to recognize the necessity of someone who can support Rocco. And he was someone in his mind.
Sound of wind.
Wind began to blow stronger and stronger.
Both Rocco and Father had the same person in mind. It was Dr. Moam Chancewinsky.
There is no sign of wind ceasing to blow.
When Rocco told Father that he would like to visit Doctor by himself and see him face to face, Father said, “That might be a very good idea. But I will take you by car to the place across his house. You shouldn’t walk by yourself outdoors.”
Sound of wind.
Just for a moment, the sound of wind ceased to be heard as if someone in the sky inhaled the wind by a big straw.
Knock, knock.
Doctor and Satchina looked at each other.
“Sounds like someone is at the door.”
“Might be a kid. I’ll go and see.”
Doctor cast his eye to a magazine, but was aware of his wife talking with someone at the door. After a while, no sound was heard. He worried a little and talked to her.
“Satchina, who is it?” There was no answer.
“Satchina.” Doctor stood up slowly and walked to the door leading to the front door. He saw his wife standing riveted facing each other with a small animal like a squirrel. He felt as if he was looking at a still picture.
“Ah, my dear, calm down please. Don’t get upset, because you have a heart trouble. This is, well, yes, that’s right! It means that there is something that even you don’t know in the world. Oh, what am I getting at?”
“What are talking about? What’s the matter with you, all of a sudden? It’s you who get panicky. What about my heart? Don’t you remember? I went to see Dr. Johnson last week and he said my heart won’t stop beating at least 10 more years. Ha ha ha. And nothing much can surprise me so easily. You know better than anyone that I’m always composed. Well, who knocked?”
His wife turned her eyes to Rocco without any word. Doctor also turned his eyes to Rocco and said, “Oh, I thought he is a squirrel, but he is not. How cute he is! What is this, Satchina?”
“He said he is a cat.”
“A cat!? Are there cats with such a roundish head? But how he can stand on two feet.”
“He is a cat called Rocco.”
“Rocco? Who…..?”
“It was he.”
“I didn’t mean that. Who said that?”
“He did.”
“I’m asking about his owner. His ower must have come with him, right? Where did he go? Is he your friend?”
“No, no, nobody came.”
“Nobody? Then who knocked on the door?”
“It was he.”
“He? You mean that this cat knocked on the door?”
“Right. And he said he came to see you.”
“Ha ha ha. What are you up to, Satchina? Are you kidding me?”
“This is my husband, Moam. Moam Chancewinsky.”
“What? Who are you talking to?”
Rocco was listening them for a while, but didn’t miss the moment when Mrs. Chancewinsky told her husband’s name to him. He knew that this is how people introduce someone and this is his turn to tell his name. He practiced it many times with Father. So, he was waiting for the right moment.
“How do you do? I am Rocco. A cat called Rocco,” said he and bowed before them.
He practiced so many times, but still he got nervous in front of doctor.
Doctor gave a shout and then was petrified watching Rocco.
Sound of wind. Wind began to blow more wildly. Doctor’s house began to shriek, although it was a solid Tudor style house. It was built over a century ago and cannot struggle against its age. Wind blew brutally against Rocco, Doctor, and Satchina, who stood in the open entrance.
Satchina, who came to herself when she suddenly felt cold, began to make a cool analysis of what was happening in front of her. She instantly recognized that this encounter with Rocco would bring something outstanding. She didn’t understand what it could be, but had a hunch that it could be something critical for humans and the Earth. Her inspiration, creative guess has always been a source of her research, which has surprised the society.