Chapter 13. Rocco’s query

“Rocco is studying about human society very well. And he threw one question after another at us. For instance, “In their long history, humans have always found smallest differences among their fellow people, hated each other, and rejected each other. And on top of the pyramid, built by the sacrifice of millions of people, only one person reigns and gives directions.
That structure hasn’t changed a bit now. Many young people follow what the most influential people in a great country say. Why is that? People cannot live together with someone different? Why do they blindly follow the orders of one single person?
“Humans don’t have individuality? Is it because of the feudal system? Or status system? In those days, yes, but not now. It is the time of democracy, isn’t it? I read about persons of power such as kings, emperors, and shoguns in textbooks, but those textbook emphasize only their achievements to the country but don’t mention about how many people had to sacrifice their lives because of their orders.’
“Rocco cited names of historically famous people one after another, and then added the number of victims of their orders.”
“‘Why is it that nobody mentions the fact that they are such brutal criminals? Is it because it’s the matter of the past? Because time has changed? Because they are kings? Don’t you think that humans think light of their fellow humans? Whenever it is, in any age, whoever he is, how influential he is, why somebody has to be a victim of his lust for power? What difference are there between the two people? Such a thing is not to be allowed, isn’t it?
‘People should look back their history making clear such facts. They never should be called hero.
In a country where they send soldiers to other country to kill hundreds of people in a week, a TV caster was calling a criminal who committed successive murders of four people as “terrifying bloodthirsty killer.” And people in front of TV don’t have any question about it.’
“Rocco also told me decisively, ‘On the Earth, all creatures except humans seek food in nature everyday to live. They do have territories and it is important for them to protect it. They bravely attack their prey and enemies who invade their territory. But that is it. They don‘t do anything more. Because they don’t hate each other.
‘You’ve never heard of a herd of lions or tigers massacring, have you? Both cats and dogs originally had a very violent character. But when it was decided that humans represent this planet, we decided to coexist with humans without hesitation. We believed that a society created by humans must be better and decided to follow them. The original species of both cats and dogs were very violent, but we have adapted ourselves to the human society by developing smart and obedient nature. Of course, we left the original species as they were.
‘So, both cats and dogs are getting along well with humans. Right? Why can’t people do better using their evolved brain?
‘Why do people repeat such violent murders and why can they be so cruel?
‘I read many books. They say it is a very regrettable, sad thing. History books say that we shouldn’t repeat such tragic things.
‘I looked up the meaning of “progress” in a dictionary. It says that it means that things are moving towards better, desirable direction.
‘Most problems on this planet came from human egoism. But only humans can resolve these problems.’
“That’s what Rocco said to me,” said Doctor. Then, he gave a sigh. He wanted to change the atmosphere generated by inquisitive eyes of the world.
Rocco who was kept waiting by himself for some time now began to feel nervous and held tightly his left index finger with his right hand. Immediately before the program started, Kii said, “Rocco, don’t get nervous, OK? Give it all you’ve got! Everyone is watching you, OK? Now is the time to act. Everybody throughout the world is watching. Every kind of people, they say. I wonder how many people are there in the world. Millions of people? Or rather billions of them. But it should be OK, it’s nothing to worry about, these figures. Don’t ever think about it, OK? You can talk as if you are talking to me. So, don’t get nervous. Well, you know this charm?”
Rocco thanked Kii and held her hand.
Rocco had been very composed until the program started, but as Doctor was giving his speech, Kii’s words came back to him and his heart began to beat rapidly. He held his short index finger with his right hand, but it didn’t work.
Because it should be the third finger that he had to hold. Kii remembered it incorrectly.
Doctor knew that the world began to get irritated. He knew that phone calls of protest, saying “We don’t care a bit about his speech! Show us Rocco now!” are pouring to the studio. He didn’t want the world to see Rocco with suspicious eyes or expose him to public view as if a trained cat of a circus performer. He wanted to let people know that he has displayed abilities beyond humans, although he is a cat.
“Rocco has an IQ of 400 at present. I said, “at present” because his IQ is rising day by day. Last month his IQ was 340.
When I faced this astonishing fact, I was so shocked to the extent that my heart almost stopped beating. Well, my wife Satchina said my heart actually stopped beating for a while. As he glanced at his wife, cameras followed it and captured her watching the monitor with a smile in the back of the studio. The camera zoomed in on her now. She is a leading authority in the field of space engineering.
She is a scientific genius who became known to the world by winning all international prizes at the age of 28. She is also known as enthusiastic activist for peace movement and is always flying around the world. She is admired as a lady with the brain of Madam Curie and the heart of Nightingale. Ten years ago, she surprised the world by suddenly getting married with Doctor who is more than 24 years older. It is a two shot of them since their sudden marriage produced a great sensation around the world as if they were famous entertainers. The screen showed flashback of how they cleared various issues in front of them, stuck to their love, and got married finally.
“Oh dear, I didn’t expect they prepared such a thing for this occasion. Well,
Rocco did say that according to the Lady who led Rocco there is no other planet in the whole cosmos where its representative organisms are depriving the life of each other so easily. That as humans on the Earth don’t recognize how silly it is, true love is leaving the Earth. Each time they kill each other, a small piece of love comes off from the wall of Love. The Earth is in a terrible shape, he said.
This is Rocco’s way of expressing it, but I imagine that he meant that the Earth is no longer a place worthy of talking about love.”
“‘We have to take action for all living things on the Earth. People might say that that’s nothing to do with a mere cat, but I’m prepared to do anything to make humans aware of this, because only humans can solve this problem,’ said Rocco firmly. Ladies and gentlemen, are you now ready to listen to Rocco?”
Dr. Chancewinsky felt that the atmosphere in the studio has changed noticeably. He felt relieved to know that he had managed to change the atmosphere. He put his hand to the forehead and to the back of the head and patted there twice. It’s always the way with him when something went well smoothly or when something didn’t go well at all. It was a habit he formed out of necessity when he had a long hair in his mid-40s, but now he doesn’t have any to comb up.
He casually looked up to the ceiling. A number of lighting fixtures hang irregularly from there and the heat emitted from each fixture floats boringly above his head. “Well, well,” nodded to himself and resumed speaking quietly.
“It was about a year ago that Satchina and I were relaxing in the living room over a cup of coffee. The previous day we just came back from an academic meeting,” he started.