Chapter 12. Dr. Moam Chancewinsky

“Ladies and gentelemen, good afternoon, I am Moam Chancewinsky.”
It was scheduled that he would appear on the show, but even the studio crews felt a moment of tension. At any rate, it is unprecedented that a cat will make a statement toward the whole world. Not only that, Dr. Chancewinsky will also appear as his guardian. The cat not only speaks but also can communicate with humans. This alone caused a big sensation, but then the news that he wants to go to elementary school run throughout the world. It caused furious arguments. Some people say that it is not at all acceptable that a cat studies together with humans. Others say that they are absolutely against it and it will exert very bad influence on children. It became a big issue which might develop into international issue.
There are no other animals but cats that is known and loved by people throughout the world. Therefore, children and adults alike, people of northern and southern countries, everyone has become wild about it.
“It must be fake!” “Some kind of trick.” “You don’t say! It must be somebody in an cat costume.”
In the whirl of slanders, it was planned that Rocco will appear on TV finally. It was decided to be delivered around the world as a special program.
People around the world, children and adults, are waiting for the moment holding their breath in front of TV, Internet, or the latest Interplanet. All the more, for some reason, Dr. Moam Chancewinsky, who had been out of touch from the whole world since a year ago, is with him. TV studio is also thrown into great confusion from the morning.
Indifferent to others, Doctor and Rocco looked at each other with the look of content. But Rocco has to face the challenge of going to school, to begin with elementary school. Doctor has to convey how important it is for the future of the Earth in a short time of 2 hours. It is not an easy task. They feel as if they are captain and first engineer who are going out to sea knowing it is stormy. They have to go out to the stormy ocean by themselves, to achieve their goal without fearing turnover or being stranded. They had spent a one year preparing for this day.
Dr. Chancewinsky who took a seat first is flushed with excitement since he hadn’t been out in public.
“Today, I’m excited with the joy of being able to tell you a wonderful news. It is about half a century, or 50 years since I started leading a life as a scholar. I’ve been very blessed to be able to work on the leading edge researches. I had opportunities to publish many articles. I was granted lavish praises and titles. However…” He hesitated to continue.
“However, I wonder if what I’ve done were of any use to your life. I wonder if I’ve carried out my responsibilities right. For the past year, this question nagged me. As
scientists, we have been asked for the latest achievements. Many people are influenced
too much by science for science’s sake, believing science will change our society and it will lead to individual happiness. Scientists around the world are competing for the most up-to-date. Our society is changing every moment and nobody can stop it. It is true that science provided us with abundant life. Our living environment, for instance, is completely different from just a 100 years ago. The advent of computer-controlled
scientific society is, whether we like it or not, is eventually our decision.
“Aren’t we looking at the progress of humans and science by the same criteria? Aren’t we thinking that humans ability to change social environment drastically in only 100 years is great, that science is almighty? We have continued to make progress in science, keeping “happiness” in our mind, but the reality seems to be different. Now in this moment, too, wars and terrorism are going on somewhere in the world, and many people are falling victim. Science changed small conflicts into serious wars. Hundred years ago, there was no peace in the world. And now, hundred years later, there is still no peace, either.
“Now, incredible amount of weapons are stored on the Earth. For what? Is this another answer to the progress? What is the true criteria for progress? Did what we, scientists, have done make people happy equally? Something is wrong. Science is a double-edged sword. For scientists and rulers who use scientific products, their humanity must be put to the test. If the development of science lost sight of its original objectives, made people miserable, and disturbed world peace, and if people remain to be foolish, we should abandon science instantly.”
Doctor paused, giving a sigh to hold back his excitement. The audience who had been anxious to see an unprecedented cat fell silent to his powerful and realistic messages.
The whole studio was at a loss to unusual tense atmosphere.
Doctor predicted all this. “However,” he started to say, and then stopped. With a smile in his eyes, he shook his head and continued.
“We cannot abandon our potentialities now. As we sow, we have to trust in the seed and grow it with constant care. It is true that there still left possibilities in humans.
“We humans have created outstanding civilization. Naturally, we have believed that humans are the most intelligent creature on the Earth. Therefore, we thought no other creatures have the brain equal to humans or beyond that at least on this planet. That there is no doubt abut it. That no creature would object to our conduct.”
“Indeed, there was none.
“This fact must have made humans arrogant. We have regarded the Earth as our own possession and had our own way. But, but, something unbelievable happened. An extraordinary cat showed up. Or, rather, an unbelievable thing happened to a cat. No, no, this is not the right way to say it. Well, please don’t picture an alley cat in your mind. Rather, picture an intelligent creature who came from other planet.
“It is Rocco. Rocco, a cat, who is on everybody’s lips.
“The rumor says, ‘he miaows sounding like some words’ or ‘he says words such as meal and bathroom’ or ‘he has a body of a cat but face of humans,’
“It is no wonder about it, for only a few people have met Rocco. Only rumors are becoming prevalent among people in the world. You must be stretching your imagination. And today, all of you will face an obvious fact.
“In fact, I myself couldn’t accept what I saw when I first met Rocco. I couldn’t bring myself to believe what I saw, even having him just in front of me, with my inflexible brain, which loved science and looked life through science.
“However, that fact was outweighed everything.”