Chapter 9. Resolution

“I expect you, who is Rocco, rather than you who is a cat. Rocco, you make the world, or the globe into one, even just for a moment.”
“Make it into one? Even just for a moment? What do you mean? What am I gonna do?”
“You have to find the answer by yourself. Your appearance will surprise people and excite them. Sometimes, you will be involved in a storm of admiration or sometimes in a whirl of base jealousy. However, you have to ignore all such sensation and head directly for your ideal, what you are supposed to do. You will find the answer, for sure. You are going to move peoples of every country more deeply than ever. People will naturally hand down the meaning of this excitement from one generation after another. It will then become the foundation of the global change. Someday, the Earth will be awaken to truly important things, surrounded by an environment of aesthetic, moral, and religious sentiments, and then change into a planet filled with abundant Love. When you finished your task, you will be back.”
“Back to where?”
“Back to us. It is already decided that when you’ll be back to us. That is January 15, 2020.”
“What will happen to me when I’m back on that day?”
“We will judge what you’ve accomplished.”
“You will judge?”
“Whether you are eligible for becoming the 100th constellation. It all depends on you, Rocco, how you do, whether you will just leave a momentary impression on people’s memory as a shooting star, or remain forever as the 100th constellation.”
“What is it like to become a constellation? Can I meet everyone?”
“You can’t go and see them, but you are always watching over them.”
“At all times?”
“Can everybody see me, too?”
“If people recovered beautiful Earth, then, loving imaginative people will be able to see you clearly.”
“What will I do if I end up with a shooting star?”
“You can do it. You will accomplish your task, for sure. Your outstanding intelligence, witty remarks and behaviors, and humorous ideas will surprise people and move them. You have three years for that.”
“Only three years!? Isn’t it too short?”
“We’ve given you the whole three years. There is nothing you cannot achieve in three years on the Earth.”
“Oh, I didn’t know.”

The Lady told him firmly, seeing that he hasn’t grasped the whole picture of the scheme.
“Live for the sake of this planet. You might have a lot of things that you don’t want to leave behind, but it is the destiny of the chosen. Rocco, you are the only one who can play the role of watching over the future of the Earth.”
For Rocco, it was an hour filled with things hard to understand. But he also felt that he was changing dramatically. Because he came to understand what the Lady said.
“At any rate, I’m going to save the Earth.”
Silence reigned for a while. Rocco was thinking hard.
“I still cannot even imagine how greatly it will change my life by committing myself to the task. But I’m sure it will be good for many people. Not only for people, but the Lady had said that it will be for all the creatures on the Earth. I might be able to change the history of cats from today on. We have been misunderstood so much just because we are a mere cat. And I didn’t know that this globe is in such a terrible shape. I was chosen for such a challenging task!”
Rocco felt freezing anxiety and tense on his back. Shuddering a little, he was telling himself that he should accept his destiny.
“It is what only I can do it! I have to do it, I have to do my best. Probably, I’ll have to say goodbye to my family and friends, to everyone I love. I’m sure that I will not be able to see them again.”
Faces of those who he loves appear and disappear one after another. Rocco tried hard to hold back tears and determined to accept his destiny.
Slowly, he raised the upper body. Finally, he stood up on two feet with the chin backwards.
The Lady put her hand on the head of Rocco again, and folded his small upright ears, saying, “They won’t be necessary in this planet where there is too much noise.”
Gazing at the eastern sky in the distance, Rocco went into deep meditation.
With roundish head, dignified profile, straight back, Rocco is no longer childish. He looks like a son of samurai who has just celebrated his coming of age. He is filled with strong will.
Rocco was born anew as a cat who quests for Ideal for the sake of Love that the Lady has waited for so long time. The Lady looked at Rocco who is shining under the morning sun, and said in conclusion.
“This is a dream story for you, but it is not a mere dream story. You have to go beyond the dream, Rocco!”
“Go beyond the dream? Oh, that was it! It was the phrase I heard at that time.”
“That’s right. There is something truly important where you went beyond the dream. And you will get wisdom, Rocco.” With this message as the last one, the Lady left to the sky. Following her, ribbons of light and wind soared happily getting tangled in a double spiral.
As they are gone, Rocco and the room were back to the original colors. Rocco was looking up the eastern sky where the Lady had gone. Rocco now had an air of young man who accepted his destiny and determined to follow the path he chose.