Chapter 6. LOST

“The history of fighting for things hasn’t changed and love was deprived from so easily. After all, people could not trust in love. They thought light of love.”
“Then, is it the end of it for human beings?”
“They don’t talk about true love, they aren’t aware of themselves as a member of the cosmos, nor they don’t look inward. It might be impossible to change for themselves.”
“Well, but, Rocco, if it’s you….” smiled the beautiful lady.
“What? If it’s me?” Rocco didn’t know what to do, but he felt good about being expected. “If I can be of some help, if there is anything I can do…”
“Of course, Rocco, you were chosen because you can.”
“After the history of numerous long wars, human beings began to long for scientific revolution and made industrial civilization as the goal of their happy life. The Earth was supposed to enter the age of cosmos in the 1900s. But even today small conflicts among human beings never stop on this planet. By now, as a member of the cosmos, they must become independent and play an important role of….
They need to prepare for….” Then, she glanced at Rocco casually and didn’t quite finish her sentence.
“Rocco, I’d like to ask you one question.”
“In this cosmos, even in the galactic system alone, there are billions of planets whose representative inhabitants have languages or some other means of communication. But there is only one word which has the common meaning. What could be it?”
“Well, probably, love, I think.”
“Exactly! Rocco, I thought you would have the right answer.”
“Well, everybody could after hearing so much about love. In fact, ‘love’ is quite something. Love is common throughout the world, oops no, throughout the cosmos!” Rocco is very pleased to be praised by her and feels happy.
“I mean each planet has a word which means love.
Listen, Rocco. I told you that love is something without form. But even though it is something you cannot see nor touch, if you have profound imagination and strong image and above all trust me and follow me, you may be able to actually feel the form of love. What do you think? Can you follow me?”
“Yes! Are we going somewhere?”
“To the cosmos.”
Rocco wanted to know more specifically what love is. He gets a little tense now. “Well, then breathe in deeply and slowly. After breathing out, close your eyes. From now on you must keep your eyes shut, OK? Never open them. Even though you keep your eyes closed, you can see everything, if you trust me. OK?”
Being told not to open his eyes, Rocco thought he must not open his mouth, too. With his mouth tightly closed, he nodded that he understood.
“Now, look up at the sky. Countless stars are twinkling madly as if they were inviting us. Let’s go, Rocco, give me your hand.”
The lady’s white long fingers held tightly his right hand, his pad and all.
“Let’s start our 8 billion light year voyage to space, Rocco!”