Chapter 5. The id star

“The planet is still out of control. We don’t know when and where it will appear. As it runs out of energy, suddenly it shows up seeking sound. It aims at stars which are lined neatly on their orbit, and throws itself against one planet after another. At such time, the cosmos is filled with incredible violent noise. The sound when a star is being destructed and those unbearable sound of crash scatter all over the cosmos beyond dimensions at a terrific speed.
All of a sudden, they hear a loud noise.
“Oh, it’s scary.” Rocco covered his small ears with his hands.
“It caused a lot of damage to many planets.”
“How was the Earth?”
“The Earth….” She started to say, cast her eyes briefly at Rocco, and then continued. “The planet approached to moon once in the latter 19th century aiming for the Earth.”
“Then, it came.”
“Yes. The moon is so close to the Earth. So, it must have planned to use the moon as a springboard to collide with the Earth.”
“Really! Then, what happened?”
“At that time, human society was thrown into utter confusion due to rumors saying the Earth would be destoryed at last. The then astronomy announced that it was a gigantic comet. The well-known psychiatrist, Dr. Frenind Kapler put the name of “id star” from its behavior pattern and its evil character. Since it was about time when information society just began, the word “id star” spread rapidly as the first keyword among the world mass media. People talked a lot about eschatology, while people of every class revealed their true nature and run into crimes, discrimination, abuse, and slander. Some feared death, some accepted their fate with resignation, some killed themselves or others blindly following was a year of tremendous upheaval.
“In the cosmos, too, all the planets in the galactic system held their breath to see how things would develop.”
“And, what happened to the Earth?”
“It was OK at that time.”
“So, the id star didn’t collide into the moon?”
“Yes, it did.”
“Oh, it did!”
“But at the moment when it hit the moon, an extremely loud sound rang out throughout the cosmos. I still remember. It was a very comfortable, beautiful sound, and it was as if the moon had prepared it beforehand.
At that moment, the star hastily turned its direction to the opposite of the Earth. The moon emitted the sound composed of refrains from the bass to treble registers as if to purify the outer space.”
“How was it? What kind of sound was it? What kind of smell did it have?”
“Well, in terms of the Earth, it is like classical music of the 18th century. It was something like a “fugue” of the baroque music. It developed twofold, threefold….”
“Wow. But why? Why did the id star change its direction?”
“We don’t know the true reason. But, well, probably…” She started to say, looked at Rocco squarely, and then swallowed the rest of her words.
“What? What happened? Probably what?”
“It must have hated the sound…. Well, it must have… But it doesn’t mean that the Earth is guaranteed to be safe” she added hastily.
“But the moon’s desperate resistance deserves great praise. The Earth have had very good relationship with the moon from olden days. Originally, the moon was created from a part of the Earth. The moon never forget about it. The moon loves the Earth very deeply and single-mindedly. Therefore, the moon always rotates around the Earth as if to watch over it, right? Such deep love of the moon must have defeated the scheme of this planet.”
“Oh?” Rocco doesn’t understand very well yet. “But that’s what was happening here. The moon has loved the Earth so much. Will the planet come to get the Earth again?”
“Well, it apparently had enough of the moon. But the planet can think by itself and take actions. I don’t think that it will leave the Earth as is.”
“The Earth will be fine even though it is collided by the planet, won’t it?”
Rocco looked up the sky innocently.
There is no way that he will get to know the cruel fate he will shoulder from now on.
His lovely round eyes were twinkling like two stars as if to think about the cosmos far away.
“Right, it will surely be fine!” the lady said with a sweet smile. “But the planet now appears in the interval of 150 years. It became aware that however much it absorbs sound, it lasts only 150 years,” she added, and then looked straight at Rocco. “What this planet has done left severe wounds as dark memories in the cosmos. The Earth has to be aware that it is a member of the cosmos and deal with such cosmic issues actively. And yet… I wonder how people are going to draw their future of the Earth.”
Looking at her beautiful profile shadowed by sorrow, Rocco, though he was a curious cat, didn’t know what to do but watch her.
The sun is completely up in the sky and blazing down on Rocco who is already shining in gold. Rocco has now more thickly covered by gold. He gets to use to the glitter and glaring of the gold and began to be exhausted both mentally and physically by the lack of sleep and unfamiliar difficult words. In such time, cats often find the right place for taking a nap. Rocco decided to withdraw and take a nap.
Half awake, Rocco thought. It must be something a dream. That’s right. I’m still sleeping and dreaming. I thought it was funny, because nobody would talk such a difficult thing to a cat. Yes, that’s right. And, speaking of a cat as a representative of the Earth, if Kii-chan listens to it, she will laugh and get mad. Yes, she will. Ah, I’m glad it was a dream.
“No, it isn’t.” As she shook her head slightly, a small star fell twinkling from her eye to the ground. Rocco quickly saw where the star landed. He saw the star losing its shape as if it was a drop of water.
Oh, were those her tears?
The stars fell one after another. And then they disappeared one after another.
Rocco caught his breath at this sight. He had never seen such a thing, and thought anew that the lady is someone very special.
“I sort of understand that with so many diverse people facing each other, it may cause hypocrisy and deception to occur and bring out the selfish aspect. But even so, I didn’t expect people to become so selfish.”
Rocco cheerfully responded, “Ah, that’s a familiar word. We cats are often called selfish, too.”
“It is slightly different.
Cats don’t deny the existence of people or dogs, for instance. But people’s selfishness always led to tremendous violence. People must know that how they can change their future by looking inward. They have to recognize intellect there and they must remember that there is an existence which augments the energy of intellect.”
“Augments? What does it mean?”
“From long ago, people have become obsessed with things and made its value as the criteria of their existence.”