Chapter 4. Cosmic Love

Part 1: True Love

“Rocco, you’ve been watching where I was, haven’t you?”
“You mean, that brightly twinkling star?”
“That’s right.”
“I love it! Because it always twinkles and talks to me from up in the sky.”
“Up in the sky? Where’s that?”
“Oh, up there, up above the sky…hmm, what is that?”
“It is called outer space–the cosmos, in fact.”
“The cosmos! Where that star lies is called the cosmos?”
“Right. There are many other stars in the cosmos. I mean, truly countless.”
“How many?”
“Just think about it.”
“Well, as many as the number of grains of sand in the sandbox in a park?”
“That’s a clever answer. But no. Much more. More than you can count. More than anyone could count.”
“More than anyone could count? It sounds awfully crowded. I don’t like cramped places.”
“That’s why the cosmos needs perfect order. Only when perfect order obtains can all those stars shine beautifully. This cosmos, maintained in perfect order, is watched over the the essence of the cosmos, from far, far away.
“That essence is Love.”
“Order, essence, Love…”
“Love watches over the entire cosmos, 8 billion light years away from Earth.”
“This Love–is it the same thing as that love stuff that men and women on television keep talking about?”
“That’s the problem. Its meaning has changed. ‘Love’ on this planet is not at all what we had hoped for.”
“It’s not? Then what kind of Love did you want us to have?”
“True love.”
“True love? What’s it like? Can we touch it? Can we smell it? What’s its shape?”
“You can’t see it. You can’t touch it. But it is very large and very deep. Rocco, each star and each planet is a symbol of Love. Our cosmos is made up of Love, which means needs nothing else. That’s because the power of Love is so tremendous. Please understand this: everything in the cosmos was born from Love.”
“Everything in the cosmos!”
“That’s right.”
“That star, too?”
“The Earth, too?”
“What about the moon?”
“When you say‘everything,’ just how much do you mean–from where to where?”
“Rocco, the cosmos is infinite. It goes on and on and on. There is no end to it. More stars than you could possibly imagine are gleaming there. Thanks to the Love lodged in each, vast numbers of stars vanish, and vast numbers are born. And what watches over them all is Love.”
“All is Love…”
“Yes. Let me tell about something that happened once.”

Part 2: The Mysterious Planet

“It happened 5 billion years ago. One star began acting violently, disturbing the peaceful order of the cosmos. Planets and stars were thrown out of orbit, blown into dust, and vanished. It was unbelievable.
“That star cared about nothing but itself. Oh, and they say it was created with sound as its energy source.”
“Yes. The cosmos is normally entirely silent. But the birth or death of a star or planet is accompanied by a whisper of sound. The cosmos preserves perfect silence in order not to miss that faint sound. That’s how important the life of each part of it is to the cosmos.
“But that one star wanted not a whisper but a violent, tumultuous sound.”
“In the silence, a tumultuous sound? Tum-ult-tu-us. I know what a “tum” is. I guess “ult” means big, but what’s “tu-us”? Oh, if a drum goes rummy-tum-tum to the ultimate, that must be tumult-to-us! Tumultuous!”
The Lady paused to keep from laughing. Then she resumed her cosmic tale.
“Long, long ago, the cosmos caused an enormous explosion, the Big Bang, to further expand itself.”
“I know about explosions. When an explosion happens, everything goes to pieces and disappears. Daddy always says that it is a very bad thing.”
“Most of the cosmos as we now know it was created with that explosion.”
“What? I thought explosions made things disappear.”
“This explosion was different. It was a Big Bang to enable a new cosmos to be born.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Look, Rocco, imagine that the entire cosmos was in a huge balloon. As big a balloon as you can imagine.”
“Balloon! I love balloons. Is it red? A red balloon?”
“A red balloon? Well, it doesn’t have to be red. Its color doesn’t matter.”
“I can’t imagine anything without knowing its color. It doesn’t work for me!”
“Well, then, it might be a grey balloon.”
“Grey? What’s that?”
“Grey is the color of a mouse.”
“A mouse! Where is it? Let me at it!”
Rocco’s fur stood on end. He sank on his haunches, ready to pounce, and glared around him.
“We were talking about colors, weren’t we, Rocco?”
Rocco returned to the conversation, feeling terribly embarrassed. In the middle of all that talk about unfamiliar subjects, he’d instinctively switched into hunting mode at the sound of the word “mouse.”
“Are you with me? O.K, so there was a big grey balloon, so big no one could see how long or how wide it was. That big balloon changed its shape over and over again by swelling up, then shrinking suddenly, again and again. Hoping for the birth of new cosmos, it repeated the process of taking shape, disappearing, and taking shape again until it had finally formed a huge cluster of energy and exploded in the Big Bang.
With that, star dust, the seed code of stars, was scattered all over the cosmos, out to to its farthest reaches. At the same time, new spaces, large and small, were formed, too.
And some of the noise from that violent explosion and some star fragments were shut up together in one of those spaces.
“Its energy level was nothing out of the ordinary. We thought that, as usual, it would turn into a big cluster of gas, like a cloud, and then disappear. We just left it alone. We had no idea that of all the spaces formed in the Big Bang, that one alone would survive.
“It didn’t occur to us that it could cause such a big problem. We were careless. It was the dawn of a new era in the cosmos, and, in that chaotic time, we made terrible mistake.
“The noise trapped in that confined space became the energy source for the growth of a planet there. Soon the new planet was racing through the cosmos in search of more sounds of destruction. But the cosmos is free of any such noise. When the planet realized that, it began generating its own noises.
It saw other stars and planets in their orderly places in the heavens and reacted. It would slam itself against a star, drive it out of orbit, and then surge off in a flash.”
Rocco was lost in thought. It was hard to imagine all these events in the cosmos, but something about slamming into another star and knocking it out of position sounded familiar. Yes–like a game of billiards!
“Billiards! That sounds just like the white ball slamming into other balls in billiards!”
“We’re talking about stars and planets losing their lives here, Rocco. It’s not a game. But I’m glad you’ve visualized what is happening. But the outcome is more serious.
The stars and planets who cannot return to their original orbits collapse, crumble, and disappear. And that planet keeps on its merry way, taking the lives of other components of the cosmos just as if they were its to do with as it likes. It is the sole stain on the long, peaceful history of the cosmos.”
“Why does it slams itself against the others?”
“Because it wants sound.”
“When it slams into another plants or stars, it generates shock waves that turn into sound, which it can absorb and convert into its own form of energy.”
“Well, then, that’s a terrible thing. Hasn’t anybody talked to that planet about it? Give it a good talking to or punish it?”
The Lady gave the heavens a leisurely look, then said, “Every single star and planet in the cosmos was born with its own destiny.”

Part 3: Destiny

“Each planet is responsible for completing its destiny.”
“What do you mean by destiny?”
“Since it was born until it ends its life, each planet has predetermined path to follow slightly different from others. As long as they are responsible for their own role, nobody can say anything to others.”
“Pardon? What do you mean? You mean that what the star is doing is its ‘role’ to play? Is it all right to do even a bad thing if it’s its role?”
“It is the only planet in the cosmos that nobody knows its background. In the cosmos where it involves in the birth of every star, this star alone grew without any relationship with the cosmos. Therefore, this star doesn’t have ‘Love.’ We couldn’t communicate the meaning of Love to this star.”
“The meaning of Love?”
“That’s right. When a star gains its life, it also acquires the meaning of Love.”
“Oh no, I don’t understand. What is destiny, way to follow, or meaning? What meaning do they have? Oh dear, I AM using that word.”
“Take it easy, Rocco. You’ll get to know them little by little.”
“Those stars who knew the meaning of Love along can be able to maintain its order. Those without Love are very reckless.
But this star is very smart and also has a strong will. Immediately after the first incident occurred 5 billion years ago, the three planets were born in the cosmos.”

Part 4: Three Planets

Because such a thing should never happen again. One of them is called the Planet of Power, a planet of athletic people. Its intellectual level is of average, but people’s build and physical strength are outstanding. Everyone is heavily-built and 3-meter tall is on the smaller side. Men’s average height is 4 meters 30 centimeters to 5 meters.” Rocco could imagine giants striding along the street with huge trees or rocks on their shoulder. They are carrying those gigantic things, which people usually use machines to carry, very easily with bare hands as if they were nothing.
Rocco could see himself trying to dodge those huge legs falling from the sky one after another, not to be smashed under it. “Oh, it’s scary.”
“No planet can match this one in physical strength. War using physical strength is what this planet would welcome most. Well, it should have been. But…”
“It should have been?”
“Well, then, the second planet is called the Clever Planet. It has developed a super scientific civilization and boasts an extremely high standard of technology.”
“Like the Earth?”
“No, no, far above it.”
“Far above it…”
In his imagination, Rocco is dressed in a white sleek suit in a white space. There are many buttons on the wall, and as he pressed the button for breakfast, picture of menu appears for one to choose. Rocco pressed the button for a plate of uncooked tuna.
“Wow, I like this convenience. I wonder if people here are all cool.”
“If humans on the Earth saw the living thing on the planet, they might look all alike, I gather.”
“Well, then, you can’t tell one from the other.”
“No, no, they themselves can tell the difference, though that might be beyond humans’ comprehension. Also, when they started to talk, they display each other totally different point of views. When a hundred of them got together, there are hundred different opinions. Their life is founded on “thinking.” For people on the Earth, it is the other way round, right?”
“The other way round?”
“Yes. They look different, but talk the same.”
“Well, I don’t know. I really don’t know.”
“Anyway, they have surpassed the idea of discrimination or violence since long, long ago. They achieved it through its outstanding power of science. No other planet has such an excellent scientific mind. It was known as the Planet of the Sage in the cosmos. They knew the destiny of their own planet and has developed rational genes which suit to the environment. After 500,000 years, their language has been unified, their appearance has come to look alike. They live about 200 years on average.”
“They learn that they are responsible as a member of the cosmos since they are small. So, they have reached a very profound thinking with a perspective of the cosmos and themselves in there. But…”
“Well, anyway, it had never engaged even in a quarrel between brothers or friends since they are small, and so…”
“What happened?”
“Well, it’s nothing.”
“The third one is this planet, Earth. The creation of the Earth was a grand-scale experiment for the cosmos.
It wished to have a creature with extremely rich feelings. It left natural species as they were, regardless of physical strength, technological ability, or intelligence, with Love as the center. Many of the complex and varied creatures were also placed on the Earth. The cosmos gave the Earth the period of 5 billion years for it to grow as a planet, and 2 million years to grow as human beings.
The small Earth has generated diverse environments and at the same time, human beings survived as a diverse species.”
“You see, so many languages are spoken here, and the appearance of humans is varied, from the color of hair and complexion to physiques. On the Earth its representing species has survived as diverse as this. There is no other such planet even in this vast cosmos.”
“The cosmos placed the Earth in the solar system and another planet 160,000 light year away from it, then another 2.4 million light year away. It was a very strategic placement based on the sphere of activity of this strange planet. But…”
“It was? How about it now?”
“It identified these three planets among the countless number of stars in the cosmos just for the period of 5 billion years. It was unbelievable. The planet knew the roles and destiny of these three planets, and then it took action.”
Her voice began to sound like sobbing of regret and sorrow. Rocco was very surprised. Then, she closed her mouth.
“What happened to her?”
Rocco knew what 5 billion years and three planets mean. However, the word “identify” was ringing in the ear. The “searching” icon kept blinking.