Chapter 3. The Chosen

“Rocco, come.” Next she put her hand on his head. “Stand up.”
Stand up? Rocco was already on his feet. What did she mean?
“Rocco, listen carefully. I have something important to tell you. It’s not going to be easy to understand, but what I have to say will determine your destiny–if, that is, you accept it. Accept it, and you will be able to stand up on two feet.
“It’s been decided that you will be the only cat in the world granted the privilege of standing on two feet.”
“The only cat? Me?” The Lady nodded, smiling.
“But why was that decided?”
“Because you were chosen.”
“Chosen! But who chose me? Other cats? I’ve been chosen to represent us cats?”
“No, not the cats.”
“Well, then, all the animals?”
“No, you are the chosen representative of every living thing on Earth.”
“You must be kidding. Why? What am I supposed to do?”
“What you are supposed to do is what only you can do–watch over this planet.”
“You mean the whole Earth?” Rocco still didn’t understand.
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Me, a mere cat, watching over the Earth?”
“Rocco, you were chosen because you are a cat. You are not a ‘mere cat.’ It is amazing how cats are underestimated. You cats are honest in your self love and open in expressing your wants directly. You also excel at getting along with others. Who else has coexisted with the human and canine communities so long, without changing their own way of life or encroaching on the others?
Cats are tolerant enough to coexist with others without compromise or demanding compromises. Cats are too proud to stoop to flattery, too independent to bow and scrape.
And cats are never satisfied with good enough. You are always looking for a better tomorrow.
“And nothing has won humans’ love like cats. Your desire for love is answered by their need for your healing touch. It’s no wonder cats are such prized pets. You embody a brilliant philosophy. It’s time for this planet to wake up to how wonderful cats are. The Age of Cats is here-but, looking at the state of human society, it may be too late.”
“Too late?”
“Yes, humans seem to have lost their purpose in life. They don’t talk about, let alone try to achieve, ideals. They compete for short-term gain, the money to be made today, instead of hoping for a better tomorrow or reflecting on the past. What happened to them? They’re reduced to believing only in what is in front of their noses. They are blind to anything intangible or in the future.”
Rocco was having trouble following what she said, but he watched her intently.
“For two million years, since we seeded the Earth with the ancestors of humankind, we have watched them evolve. Now we have to admit we were wrong to put them here. I am deeply sorry.” She hung her head, as if it were all her own fault. It all sounded very complicated, but Rocco felt a desire to comfort her.
“Thank you, Rocco,” the Lady said, looking up slowly. “Thank you for caring about me. I felt how much you care. It’s that warmth, that empathy that the people of this world need today.
“Now, Rocco, place one paw on your chest.”
Rocco did as he was told. With his right paw on his chest, he could feel his heart beating.
“We have been watching for humans to develop the ability to believe in ideas and emotions that are hard to put into words, to reach out for the intangible and invisible world of the mind and the spirit. Can people rise above grubbing for tangible gain to address spiritual issues, to grasp their true purpose in life? That was the path we had hoped human beings would explore. That was supposed to be this planet’s destiny.”
“Our destiny?”
“Yes, Rocco, hard as it sounds, that is now your destiny. I need to tell you about it. Are with me?”
“Yes!” Rocco still didn’t understand. He was, however, sure that he wanted her to keep on talking.